Auralic Aries Mini Test

The Auralic Aries mini HiRes files analog or digital passes on to any stereo system. We have tested the small streamer.

That you so trembles against a device, you know only from the mother of all marketing campaigns: Apple. But since AURALiC Aries has introduced mini the HiRes streamer at the HIGH END of 2015, at that time still a dummy, is this device for digital audio enthusiasts similar to high in the course as Apple fans, a new iPhone. Also stereoplay had to which due to supply bottlenecks be patient, until finally the long awaited test copy was supplied.

What is so popular – it is about as large as three consecutive stacked jewel cases – the small and relatively insignificant device? It catapulted any stereo system directly into the digital age.


AURALiC even the Aries mini called “streaming”node, which pretty well describes his skills: he serves as the main transport hub for digital music files on your home network. Forward-looking he relies on consistent HiRes support and DSD handles resolutions up to 32 bit / 384 kHz and the SACD format with up to four times sample rate (DSD 256), but also with AAC, MP3, Vorbis or WMA lossy encoded audio data.

The music can digitally either passed through USB (in full resolution) or S/PDIF (up to 24 bit/192 kHz specification) to an outboard D/A converter are both analog output directly via an RCA connection. On the left of the two USB ports, music files can be read from storage media like USB sticks or external hard drives. The wish list is completed by the possibility of wireless music player via Bluetooth, AirPlay and SongCast.

Despite its small dimensions, the Aries mini also includes a slot for the installation of an internal hard drive. Thus equipped, the all-rounder even becomes a ultra portable music server.

Network capabilities

But with these features is not still long: the real meaning of “streaming” nodes is of course to include him in the home network, which is anyway required for the configuration and control of the device using the iPad app. Then you can retrieve the music libraries shared on the network, for example on a NAS or a computer. A connection to the Internet is via the router at home running the Aries mini also Internet radio stations or use services premium – streaming.

Who believes that such a variety of function must be paid dearly, greatly mistaken: with a suggested retail price of just 500 euros this digital multi talent fully equipped sorted at the top is in the price of power rankings. If you want to tease the last ounce sound quality, one should in addition the higher quality PSU (AURALiC ultra low noise linear PSU), optional, include in the eye for 300 euro.

Hearing test

Alone operation via the really successful app makes enjoying listening to music, because all the favorite songs are just a tap away. At stereoplays “ultimate tunes vol. 3 “sounded the Aries mini via the analog output as transparent and finely chiselled, that you almost the guitars suspected in the room.

One point of criticism is found but still. You hear the crackling of a switching while paused, what should not be and hopefully will be fixed by an update. That being said, the Aries deserves mini highest recognition.