Aviator Sunglasses: New Models

Model Aviator glasses are a fashion classic accessories. In the years 1930 1 Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force felt a great discomfort in the eye after returning from a flight. That’s how I decided to look for a brand manufacturer of glasses, requesting a template to protect your retina from sunlight. The first model of Ray Ban weighed 150 grams, was made with gold plated metal and mineral crystal green lenses. Soon the model became popular among pilots and was expanding, conquering other users.

Until today the model Aviator glasses are very successful. For decades are at the top of the listed popular in choosing men and women. Nowadays it is possible to find beyond the traditional models of Ray Ban in other brands also with a lot of quality. This diversification has also been making more varied and modern models.

Currently, in addition to the common, Aviator lens green, Brown, graphite or black, there are also mirrored models in silver and gold, in addition to the colorful, being fairly used, mainly by figures of the fashion universe. The aviators sunglasses with lenses in blue, pink or orange mirrored are best suited for those with a unique style and striking, especially the young.

The traditional Aviator sunglasses are made with metal frame, but now there are also models in different materials, such as satin finish or acrylic, which leave the visual lighter and relaxed. In addition to the models of dark lenses, for use in the Sun, the Ray Ban also has the Aviator model with transparent lenses, for use with degree. After years away, now they make success among fans of “geek”, that is, high school nerd.