Babol Cashmere Milano

Babol presents the new collection autumn winter 2014. The new kids line is called Metropolitan Sparkle and draws inspiration from the theme of travel.

The inspiration for the autumn/winter 2014-2015 of Babol Cashmere Milano is a sophisticated metropolitan journey between past and future through simplicity gleaming luxury and high quality,

Metropolitan Sparkle, the ultimate luxury experience. This fantastic journey starts from the quality of the past and brings little explorers of the world towards the future trends through precious garments but with simple lines, possible in everyday life, unique in quality, comfortable and soft as a mother’s caress, but without forgetting the more modern and glamorous.

Handmade frames and meshes manually one by one down using only raw materials of excellent quality, first of all the cashmere, but also wool and silk, a luxury to be worn. The collection evokes the contradiction between the refinement of luxury and simplicity of an outfit as a child going through the unique data from artisan “Made in Italy”. A perfect marriage between a past and a future retro chic.

For boys always discovering, shapes exude the synergy between the modern and the classic fit vivacity. New style dandy portrayed with classical models revisited as the Choker with stitching backward, the Cubs with the flashes, the slim-fit cardigan, hoodie. The garments are decorated with vintage style details like fabric patches. Colors inspired by dad, like Brown, anthracite and camel, give elegance to a playful context, and are softened with models and insertions of color, like the Peacock.

For teenagers, imagine how glamorous globe-trotter, priority must be the minimal lines made unique from chic and sophisticated details such as ruffles and delicate lurex glitter . Current leaders, who seem sometimes stolen from mom’s closet, as the oversized pull the kimono and the big vest. The predominant colors are smoking, dusty pink, Taupe that warm up with more neutral tones of cashmere, until you get to the elegant blue. The colors like the Peacock, the onion, the viola, are designed to blend in with the more neutral in continuity.

The babies are dressed in comfortable and discounted extrasoffici evergreen with attention to detail and workmanship as the warm cashmere suit made new lines and contrasting details and broken with the look of a “large”. The style also with models kimono and pants sarouel and completed by accessories baby as comfortable shoes-sock. The colors those predominant in collection, faded and never ostentatious.

Essential accessories, hats, collars, scarves, always warm and soft, seeking novelty in the classics for children. Hats like Elves, gnomes and PomPoms, to play with a capo super necessary. An important place is given to the new silk and cotton scarves, reinterpreted to clear a must of adults in children’s clothing. Printed under the leitmotif of the collection with all shades of colour, are available also with tartan prints very trendy.