Balances: a Comfortable Look for Shopping

Every woman loves the balances, but you need to be beautiful and comfortable to do with tranquility expenses. Learn how to be perfect on this occasion!
The balances started! Before leaving the opportunity of hunting season, make sure you’ve chosen a suitable look!

Do not worry, it’s easy, just follow some advice ….

Convenient, yes, but also trendy!

This outfit will allow you to go shopping and not be tired too, but as giving up the pastel colors must of the season? A touch of black, gray smoke and powder make fashion look!

The first cunning is the skirt: may seem awkward, but when you want to try out those skinny jeans in no time it will be easy, partly because the socks will make them slide better on the legs and not you will not even undress to do it! I chose a full skirt in a lightweight fabric (TopShop) over opaque tights in the same shade of black (anthropology). I prefer the opaque because they are more resistant and does not risk smagliarle after five minutes you’re wearing them!

Now for the upper body: here it is important to choose something to easily remove, such as a shirt with large buttons with ruffles on the breast (Zenggi) or alternatively a shirt with a masculine edge with small studs on the collar (Chicnova), also in powder pink or pastel pink, a relaxing color that will not confuse you too much ideas, because to the naked effect.

If you choose a cold in heavy wool cardigan gray shawl by pinning on his chest (Helmut Lang), or a sweater with buttons and small pockets, in gray smoke (Maurices), also easy to remove the fly.

A practical outerwear

Above your sly look, you can wear a wool military-style jacket, the same color of the shirt without collar, double-breasted and flared from underbra: will be hot but without restricting your movements, taste vintage delicious (Udobuy)!

Feet relaxed

For once no heels! But also nothing sneakers, unless you’re wearing jeans and no shirt! So the solution are the dancers : low, soft, will avoid to make you go home with their feet destroyed. I recommend, however: fundamental is the quality of the shoes you wear, so do not have to compromise (Salvatore Ferragamo), better to save more!

Roomy bag

Essential, to hold your purchases, a shopper bag: choose that tall and large, braided gray (Bottega Veneta) or imitation leather powder (Warehouse.)
I would avoid wearing jewelry or bijoux: risk losing them in the rush of change in the dressing room and It could be annoying, especially if the balances make you nervous! You can always store them in a little beauty in your bag, and wear them for an aperitif or an evening that will follow in the wild shopping.

Simple trick

To choose makeup powder eye shadows (they last longer and do not bother) on neutral tones. A specific recommendation for the foundation: no products in cream or fluid, because they risk staining clothing that you utilize. Do you prefer a basic no transfer or a mineral powder foundation, in limited quantities to a minimum.
To keep your lips neutral colors pink, if you just can not live without lipstick. No even the lipstick : risks impiastricciarti entire face with hair who end up on the lips while wearing a sweater and drag the item anywhere!

For the fragrance you choose something flowery and fresh, not too strong (Valentina by Valentino) and apply it in moderation.

If you follow these tips you will be perfect, and shopping will be really nice! you can not just afford to miss the opportunity of the year, right?