Balenciaga Shoes For Fall

I know, with the sun struggling to get out the last thing that comes to mind it is the winter with its closed shoes, when in our feet tired of being forced into closed shoes and boots not wait to enjoy some moment of freedom by wearing sandals and summer shoes. But, if it’s Balenciaga we can all make an effort right? The first thing I say is take care of your ankles. Work out, tonificatele, put them in force, because winter signed Balenciaga definitely the will test. If you have worn heels that until now there seemed insidious try to take a peek at what was proposed by for autumn 2010.

Architecturally interesting sociologically these shoes definitely give a hard time to the most trained of fashionistas, but as the old saying “those who want to look beautiful would say, a little ‘must suffer”, so do not complain and get ready to wear them (wallet permitting) in ‘autumn that will be. once again Nicolas Ghesquière has dared the unthinkable, and has put together sculptured heels, composed of collages made ​​with geometric shapes and shoe materials, creating very unusual combinations, at least in the universe of stilettos.

Among the materials it stand out in addition to the skin, obvious choice when you consider the rest, wood, plastic, metal materials and high-tech, combined with each other in a sort of stylish puzzle. The shoes announce a colorful winter, at least from, with a palette of colors that interprets the shades ranging from green to bright blue water, daring to even a white light. The choice of artistic director was brave as ever, this type of footwear, so elaborate, is not undoubtedly well suited to meet the tastes of all.