Balloons For My Wedding

Today, I would like to restore dignity to a very loyal friend of marriage, used by hundreds of thousands of newlyweds and today completely neglected, or even despised by the trend of the moment, I appointed the balloon.

Balloons For My Wedding

And Yes, this good old balloon, an accomplice of so many parties and that after decades of good and loyal service has been belittled in the row of the has-beens of the marriage.

Well, that said, when you see that…

… can only agree to forget our friend ball very far inside the radius of Fiesti-fiesta Palace decoration of wedding of good taste in vylene turquoise. (Yes, I am against the paper, especially when it is in the shape of Chair cover sticking you in the butt if you have a dress in synthetic).

My mission of the day, so reconcile marriage and ball, and restore a little of our friend.

Because the ball is still a handy object and multi use to occupy space, decorate his room, his ceremony, its buffet and many other things.

You can decorate the buffet tables / wine / candy bar:

You can use the ceremony décor:

We can of course decorate his room

You can even put confetti inside, a nice little to do or a lot to pop the balloon and make them fall in rain.

And you can make nice pictures of couple, throwing balls, decorate his car and many other lovely things and even make an arch of balloons even not kitche (provided they are super cool bike married, it goes).

Personally I like a lot in garlands that fly in the wind, since I saw them in Istanbul, as in this photo (very poetic, although in reality these balloons are used target for rifles, like at the Carnival.)

You’ll find plenty of other photos from my Pinterest album devoted to the balloons for weddings using ECO decorations tips from

So, you tell me, how the hell do to get too tendance-jolis-bloguesques-united-states-style balloons and not ugly arches in a balloon? (no, take American citizenship does not).

Already, we forget the Pearly balls, it’s bad. Then, you will notice on most of the photos, a balloon that’s air, it flies. The clusters of three balloons hung by the mouthpiece and attached to the walls, it’s not very likely (the evidence there at my wedding in 2010). And finally, as very often in deco party, the amount will play, put the Pack in clusters, in Garland, that’ll be prettier. You can also bet on the big round balloons, which have enough class.

Finally, you know me, I’m not the type to swing three photos of inspiration without the tips that go well with: 1) helium, it is expensive. If you intend inflating big balloons or a lot of balloons, plan budget (so I think internet, purchase count €1 the ball size standard 28-30 cm). We buy helium at party stores, rather consider renting in these same stores or on the internet. We rent the bottle and we pay for consumption (count then 40-50 cts the ball). (2) the helium is volatile, do not inflate your balloons 48 h in advance, made as late as possible. (3) balls planned for helium or treat them with a special product, otherwise it is dismounting too quickly.

And you, you have balloons? You like it or otherwise you’re angry with them? Have you the advice to use?