Basic Black Dress Plus Size

Now comes the time for many dress posting, same vein, but so be it. I am now sick at home and poetic vein is not cyclophosphamide otherwise very well, but the dresses are always nice to write!

The dress story dates back a few weeks ago a post about where I described the pain of that fundamental ethical clothes correctly found in large format. One of you readers kyselikin whether the Finnish Design a familiar story, and I admitted it to be, but I was pretty sure that a hundred Weft-go my clothes on. I was in fact already penned their online store and convinced that there really can not fit me 110 cm bust.

Weft Design Outi Pakarinen was, however, a different view and emailed me that yes, they weft-wear suits me well. Meilailtiin several days and Outi gave me clothes to the test, but I was still very very skeptical and said that will send the dress back then when I say that there is no agreed none: D But yes, my word is now giddy. Black Hearts dress size XXL was just right! And so comfortable to wear, because the viscous-elastic dress flexes just enough and is wonderfully soft, full ten dress that is. I combined the dress of such a black from Ellos loose belt May Day party and even that worked really well!

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Thing that does not work so well is that my hair, which straightened seems quite a stranger. I do not have the habit to pay much attention to the appearance and therefore felt strange to experience the complex from that once combed and straightened the hair! Now, after the first of May I have taken all the joy out of combed kink the hair bun. Now this sairastelija goes to sleep, however, and hopes to improve during the night!