BB Cream in Europe

To discover the most popular BB Cream, a revolutionary product that has won women.

BB Cream in Europe

BB cream: cos’è?

The trend has reached a year ago directly from Asia. I was there. I was in the front row at the presentation of BB Cream Garnier, who won a record entry in the Italian market of this product for the revolutionary facial (and already famous and utilizzatissimo in Asian countries). The curiosity was so great and the very high expectations, but they were not disappointed: a perfect alternative to foundation, beneficial effects on the skin and not just covering. I am certainly not been the only one to appreciate it, because by then it was a real “BB cream craze” which involved almost all the cosmetic brands.

Le BB Cream low cost

We start right from Garnier: the BB cream is available in three versions, perfecter of the skin 5 in 1 (available in two colors), perfecter specific skin for combination or oily skin perfector skin with anti wrinkle properties. Apart from the wrinkle, that I have not tried for age reasons, I can testify to the person on the other two versions, both very valid, especially for the price (maximum € 10), which makes them perfect for those who want to try to approach this new type of make up.

Even the BB cream Fream Fresh Maybelline New York has an affordable price (€ 8.81) is available in three different shades, promises, in addition to hydration, the improvement of imperfections and complexion, a fresh feeling (hence the Fresh name) and an SPF 30. a response Kiko did not let wait and to create our BB Cream SPF 15, available in 5 shades to the € 8.90 price. The peculiarity of Kiko BB is that the appearance is white, in fact releases the color later, when spread over the skin, grace to a microencapsulated pigment technology that reacts to contact with the face taking on a color similar to that incarnate himself. Free of parabens and comedones also offers a 15 SPF protection, even in this case a great plus for those who want to use it in the summer months.

Le BB Cream High Level

We climb to the category and prices and arrive at Dior: this is the most sought after BB cream of the moment Diorskin Nude, available in three colors for a bright and radiant complexion. Evens in transparency, smoothes and protects the skin day after day thanks to the active substances of natural origin (€ 37.50).

Of Shiseido, however, the Perfect Hydrating BB Cream SPF 30 (on, provides a matte effect thanks to the know-how of the brand, helps make invisible pores and, of course, guarantees a perfect hydration, erasing the stains and making the visibly brighter skin . It is available in two colors and contains a protective factor 30, also ideal in summer (35 €).