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Be Friends First Couple Is The Authentic Talisman for The Success of Love?

I am that does not believe in friendship between boy and girl… And the reason is that when there are communication and fun between this tandem parties just falling in love with the other. If it is not reciprocal all goes to hell, if on the other hand both feel chemistry… Jackpot! Creates a perfect union where the fun and the good vibes is present. Is this the key to a good relationship?

Just friends?

According to a study from the University of Wisconsin, the friendly relationship between chico-chica is too complex. The reason? The sexual tension that can establish between the two parts is too strong. And they are those who feel that more attraction to women than vice versa. According to April Bleske-Rechek, psychologist at the UW (University of Wisconsin),

I believe that men and women want to be friends, establish Platonic friendships. But the data that I’ve been collecting over the years suggest that the attraction can appear in the middle of the road.

Rachel and Ross (Friends), sample – fictional – that the friendship between chico-chica is not possible

From these studies we wonder:?most pure marriage and durable have been friends before starting date? Is that the key to success? According to a study published by The National Bureau of Economic Research in December 2014, shows that all those marriages that are long lasting and happy they tend to be the result of a previous friendship. And is that friendship is the Pilar key when the passion and the intensity of the early years disappears.

Laugh until you have aches

While the We can learn theory, the practice is more difficult since that hooked us good to first is the physicist of the person. Is true that beauty is the first thing coming by the eyes, but with the years This disappears. As you go knowing a person physical perception varies and no matter having front a Adonis of the 21st century.

When a man makes us laugh, it takes a indescribable attraction that engages more than a beautiful and perfect façade. That I don’t know what just turning it on someone perfect that connects with your way of being and brings out the best that is within you.

To make a relationship work at 100%, the friendship must forge from the beginning and one must know how have fun with your partner. Have best friend your boyfriend/husband is not only an ideal, has to be something real. These describe two types of ’emotional Alliance’ – why is everything so cold?-formed by the terms of trade and community relations.

The first is a permanent cost-benefit balance; While in the latter the calculations are not as important because the outcome is never in red, i.e., No one takes advantage of the other. How should relations be based? The writer Samael Aun Weor wrote in his day a manual called the perfect marriage. It be this the? Holy Grail of the relations as a couple?

Fiction can be real

While Hollywood has done much damage, the love exists (although it does not come all pink)

OK, OK, agree. Hollywood It has done much damage, and when looking for boyfriend, we imagine a product that does not exist. That we must be aware, but its stories with a happy ending We can serve as a base and as a goal at the end of the road. Your partner should not only be a boyfriend without more, should be our travelling companion that it is present in our best and worst moments. A soul mate to share laughter, jokes and even fights – are not going to paint everything pink color. And from the big screen, we are left with several couples as Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) with right to friction; Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) at the wedding of my girlfriend; or Hanna (Emma Stone) and Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

All of them share something essential: having fun and not fall into monotony. This is enemy number 1 of relations in partner (or one of them).

To take account of actual cases

The reality can overcome fiction, and thus we see in some cases where love has triumphed, but the friendship further. Fun people who are they take life with humor and making every day count. Here’s where we have to marry Emily Blunt and John Krasinski – married since 2010 – which does not hesitate to ally themselves to make funny jokes Jimmy Kimmel or Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard – were the Yes, I want in 2013-. The latter took advantage of his honeymoon to create a video clip that shows how well you spend it together.

Share hobbies makes it easier

They say that opposites attract, but the truth is that occasionally goes well share some other hobby. Enemies within the field… Lovers out of it. Whatever her hobby – by silly and simple to be – will keep the spark lit and will make one want to overcome a little more day after day.

No one said it would be easy… But not impossible. What kind of relationship you have with your partner?

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