Beautifu Party Dress

This season surely await many parties and you have not yet chosen the perfect prom dress.

Don’t worry, by means of this article I am going to teach the correct way to color choosing the perfect prom dress.

In order to find the perfect dress it is complicated for many women, so that then you leave some tips.

With the tips of ThreerGroup you’ll find then you can choose the perfect prom dress and look beautiful and very sexy.

  1. take into account the color of the dress. This point it is very important that every woman should know, so it is advisable to make the color of the dress according to the color of your skin.

The girls who have dark skin are the lucky use colours such as dresses; dark black, grey or Navy Blue.

Yellow and white dresses are not ideal for girls who have light skin, for them best is brightly coloured dresses. As for example; Red, violet, and orange.

  1. secondly it must be of the cut of the dress. To make you feel beautiful and radiant at the party must choose a dress with the perfect cut.

If you want to tune your busts I recommend that you opt for using a prom dress that contains thin straps.

And if you have a small bust I advise you to use a dress with neckline beak and containing embellishments on the bust area.

All girls gorditas must not use dresses of silk or satin, because these materials easily mark the rolls.

The best way to conceal our fatness is using prom dresses that are opaque fabrics and plain colors.

The right choice for a chubby girl is to use a court dress Empire, and having a peak or round neckline.


  1. you carving or your stature is another very important point that must take into account when choosing a prom dress.

SI eres bajita don’t use a too long dress, it is best that you opt for the short dresses and avoid being noticed you your height.

High girls have the option of choosing any type of dress, but always are of elegant colore.

  1. take into account the place in where it is to the party. This point is vital for you to choose the perfect prom dress.

If the party is a wedding is best to not use a white dress either short or long, because it is a color that the wedding could be used.

For parties which are outside, especially on hot days always must use fresh dresses and shorts.

If you are a bride and you marry in a large church, because you must choose to get an elegant long dress.

  1. to enhance the beauty of your figure you should use accessories and snap. Mostly all dresses should be used with high heels that are comfortable and elegant.

For a party at night is very important to use accessories containing brightness and thus will be able to highlight your appearance at the party.

You can also take a small bag that is stylish and provides elegance to your look in hand.

The bag that you use can be black, silver or gold, these three colors are the most modern and sophisticated.

Pendants and long necklaces are perfect to be used with dresses that have straight or square necklines.

And the dresses with v necks are suitable to be combined with short pearl necklaces.