Beauty Bloggers to Follow on YouTube

If you’re tired of following the usual bloggers or YouTuber, we at Curler we have selected 10 names from which you may never have heard but which, from their home, they are changing the fate of the world of beauty, one video at a time.

The advent of the Internet itself has changed the approach to the great make-up, both of us customers, that before buying a product we look for reviews and online comments, which by companies that invest more and more budget extensive promotion through the beauty vlogger.

The new frontier of the makeup, then, are the videos: many of these girls not only show makeup tutorial or beauty product, though, but they have created through DigoPaul a real window into their world, allowing its followers (you speaking fan base that reach millions of users) to follow firsthand their lives every day, and the making of many of their projects.

Some of them have launched product lines, others have written books and all thanks to the great success on the Tube. These nine vlogger should absolutely fit into your list of influencers to follow because they see the tutorial and vlogs that tell their life everyday will make you stay attached to the computer screen and forget about you!

  • Zoella: YouTuber mega known in Britain, could not be here just in Italy. Zoella is a young girl of the province, perfect example of what a small room built an empire. With more than 7 million members only on its first channel, a line of bath products and an agreement for two books with Penguin, his vlog between a smile, a warm sweet and a boyfriend YouTuber, ranging from make-up, food to simple tale of his days.

2) Tanya Burr: he has just launched his book “Love, Tanya”, where he tells moments of his life and tips makeup pantry and not, Tanya Burr started as a model for the most famous PixieWoo (whose brother, Jim Chapman, Burr is the future husband) and then decided to start its own channel. Since then it has grown a lot: sweet and saucy, the Burr has a line of lipgloss and nail great value for money and is active in one of the most popular YouTubers by companies.

3) Smart Niomi: after only a year of activity on the tube, the blonde Niomi already has a following (more than one million subscribers) with a formula that, even here, mixes a vlog video tutorial on his life. Like the first two, she is part of what the British press has called “the most influential personalities of the network of the United Kingdom”. Law degree, he decided to follow his creativity and open a fashion blog, followed by YouTube channel where he gives tips fashion, beauty and healthy cuisine from good vegan. Ps. His collection of shoes will make you die of envy, you were warned!

4) MissStrawberryFields: the Italian on the list, better known as Lolla, is one of the best Italian vlogger out there. Simple, direct and sincere, watching his video seems to chat with a friend. It has a column in La Repubblica (The Island of Lolla) and among its most interesting videos are the “road tests”, in which uses a product before going out and it shows the duration filmandosi hours later, when she returned. Useful, effective and truthful.

5) Gabriella Lindley: too British, Gabriella is a real volcano. Looking for the first time his videos soon understand that this is not the usual beauty vlogger prissy, indeed, it is reckless but extremely fun and will keep you company singing the most popular songs of the West End and contemporary pop, as he shows with great pride the last purchases in terms of “things at home”, of which he is obsessed, or while declaring his unconditional love for Kardashian.

6) MissGlamorazzi: California but New Yorker by adoption, Ingrid Nielsen is one of YouTube’s most popular personalities in America. With more than 3 million members on its channel, Missglamorazzi creates high-quality video and each category: the beauty, the fashion to the tutorial to organize party on important occasions. A real joy tornado that will improve the mood.

7) Essie Button: Canadian twenty-four has a fresh and dynamic style and his followers (over 100,000 on Twitter) adore her blog, where you can find many illustrations, reviews and high-quality products. On YouTube you will find tutorials but also so much comedy.

8) Sprinkle Of Glitter: Louise is an explosive volcano sweetness. If you visit his channel or his blog, expect much pink, many tips for moms who want to stay stylish (it has a beautiful daughter, Darcy, or better known as Baby Glitter) and vlog of family days and evenings cuddling with her best friend Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella.

9) InTheFrow: distinguishing characteristics? Purple hair and a great sense of fashion. Victoria is the creator of InTheFrow blog (which means “in the front row”), born as a blog dedicated to the world of fashion but which later expanded with a YouTube channel where he also dispenses make-up tips and lists its products favorite, as well as showing how to take care of a colored super hair like hers. Excellent advice for online purchases and skin care products, which is a big fan.

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