Best Connected Watches

Designed to help us to never miss a call, a message, an appointment, or to easily control the main functions of our smartphones, connected watches sometimes know themselves indispensable … provided you choose the right model!

With 1.2 million units sold in France by GFK, the market for connected devices is growing every year. If sales of connected watches have not met the expectations of manufacturers, consumer craze nevertheless manifests a little more each year. And it is expected to strengthen in 2016. It must be recognized that before saying goodbye to his beautiful traditional watch (what purists refuse) must be sure to replace it with a product that holds up. And if that was not really the case with the first connected models, some manufacturers now offer enough mature products, led to become very good companions of our digital lives. On their small screens, connected watches indicate the arrival of a message, a call for an appointment, but you also control the main functions of your smartphone’s voice.

Towards greater independence

Overall, according to CentralLEDWatch, LED watches today boarded a sufficiently powerful equipment to be free from actual slowdown during use. And it should also to be improving, with the proliferation of chips (SoC) of new generation, including Qualcomm. The US has, in fact, recently announced its platform Snapdragon Wear in 2100 , more powerful, but the promise is to bring greater autonomy.One point, manufacturers still have much to do. For models already available, note that the operating systems benefit from regular updates to enhance the autonomy of the devices.

But in the current state of things, if you watch should not be charged more than once a week , forget the models under Android Wear, Tizen or iOS Watch with toughness, usually at best two days.
Those who find it prohibitive, can turn, for example, to the Pebble models, including electronic ink screens and little greedy system possible to take a few more days. There are also analog models, such as the Withings Activity, whose autonomy (battery) is this time of several months, but for which notifications functions are very limited.

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