Best Deal on LED Light Bulbs

Again and again one finds that LED bulbs on the Internet “super low prices” and even “free delivery” or 50% and even higher discounts offered. Especially companies that have an enormous Werbetat, allowing them to place in the search engine at the top, curls with alleged special offers superhhellen LED bulbs, free shipping, etc.

LED Light Bulb

But you look at the deals even more closely, you will quickly find that this “super deals” are quite expensive compared to reputable dealers.
Specific example: Set of 5 LED spots with 3 x 2 watt LEDs, MR16 with “lampenund…” (without specifying the number of lumens) for shipping costs free rate of “only” 169.00 Euro incl. VAT. (ie 33,30 € / piece incl. VAT and shipping). This was said to have been 30 euros cheaper than the store price.

In stores Ledbulbbay, a MR16 spot obtained with 3 × 2 watt Cree LED bulb (and in addition to Nichia with the best LEDs that exist today) for 25,00 Euro + VAT = 29,75 €, but excl. shipping costs.

At comparable set of 5 so you pay at ASMETEC 148.75 plus EUR 6.90 freight costs, and saves about this “free shipping charge super offer” 13,35 euros for a qualitatively much better LED-Spot with CREE LED.

Besides ASMETEC even offers a günstigerern, dimmable LED spot for 230 volts with GU10-, E14 or E27 socket for only 23,00 Euro, which is equipped with Edison or Bridgelux LED. For larger quantities ASMETEC offers even more favorable to scale prices. End-users are in the webshop with the same brand quality serviced low.

It is worthwhile to browse the web a little further and in particular to compare the prices and specifications.

Tip: a “normal” light bulb has about 10 lm / W luminous flux. Thus, a 40 watt light bulb 400 lm, which is loosely achieved by a good 5-watt LED bulb. 25 watt bulbs can be easily replaced with 3-watt LED bulbs, spotlights or G4-inserts.

So: always compare the lumens numbers this UDN sometimes with the specifications of other providers compare, because even with the specifications fantasy values ​​are often specified.