Best Dressed for New Years Eve

Picture guide: Occasions for wearing tuxedos are all too few. Even though it is perhaps the most well dressed and most sophisticated option which closet holds it goes very fast to count the occasions in life when Tuxedo will be speaking. New year’s Eve is one where Manolo in today’s article will guide to the perfect smokingklädseln.

The tuxedo
Perhaps the main argument for Skip hire and will instead invest in a custom tuxedo is the fit. It doesn’t matter how expensive fabric Tuxedo has, it is not like a glove falls the whole feeling. Make sure it is seated correctly in the shoulders, back, waist, arms, and of course to the pants sit nicely without either leave excess space or tighten. When it comes to color and fabric is new year’s day an occasion where it is often possible to experiment a little more, without for that matter becomes pajasaktigt (leave white the tuxedo Blazer at a summer wedding). The jacket in the picture is, for example, a wool-and-cashmere fabric with mild flanellkänsla.

The traditional Tuxedo has no slits, which slowly start relaxed. If the jacket has no slit recommended such a soft shoulder as possible to avoid the t-shaped silhouette.

The shirt
Smokingskjortan are usually white with pleated chest, double cuff and removable buttons to be worn with your own metal buttons. For those who want a slightly more stripped-down sensibility is a hidden placket. Many manufacturers have in recent years experimented with a dark dress shirt, which raises strong emotions in many smokingfantaster. Manolo finds easily that white never goes wrong.

The shoes
It can receive breaking of smokingens simple colour scheme with a pair of embroidered Burgundy-samettstofflor. At the same time, it is important to remember that the garment originated in smoke coat exclusively worn indoors and in contrast to, for example, the tailcoat is not seen as a formal garment. And for new year celebrations, this type of footwear to be both stylish and accurate alternative to lacks the cows with enclosed lacing or operating pump.

The most common question that comes to Manolos frågemail is “how best to liven up a smokingklädsel? Is it possible to use a pink bowtie with matching handkerchief and girdle to? “. If you feel forced to play with colors, try a patterned handkerchief to the black fly. Otherwise, the tuxedo a garment where less is more. Stylish cufflinks, thin dark stockings, a thin sidenhalsduk and girdle or braces are all the important details that set the standard for the upholstery. A forgotten accessory is the glasses in selected performance strengthens smokingens supersofistikerade feeling. The fly, the wearer of course tie yourself. To quote Oscar Wilde:
“Learning how to tie a bow tie really well is the first important step in life.”

Tuxedo Jacket in Loro Piana-Fabrics 4585 kr, smokingbyxor (1495), shirt (1295 kr), shoes Sutor Mantellassi ($ 4995), Cufflinks Sackville & Jones ($ 895), the fly ($ 445). Everything From Rose & Born, Grevgatan 2.