Best Flashlights Manufacturers

Performance and features differ not only by type but also to make, because each tries to make their product unique and complete.


Leader in the design and construction of electric torches first, active since 1980. Technological research, selection of quality materials, careful implementation procedures are the elements that have made the Surefire products among the best available in the world market. Moreover, these flashlights are designed for extreme use, for particularly difficult conditions as the military: to this end presented a wide range of accessories, such as infrared filters, remote switch and the special attacks to ring for guns. The materials in which they are made are of high quality: specific anodizzatori nylon polymers, aerospace aluminum, all tested for high impact resistance, bad weather and anything else that might meet on the range. The batteries with which the torches are supplied are 3 volt lithium, but less sophisticated models, those suitable for common use, we also use LED bulbs and xenon, which compared to the other have the advantage of reduced consumption of electricity and good resistance to shocks. Xenon is most effective, however, because the latter can reach 500lm (lumen is the unit that measures the luminous flux), while the LED does not exceed 100. products include models then lithium batteries, Xenon bulbs, the light bulbs, Xenon bulbs.


Talk about the tradition of a brand that has established itself in a short time to the reliability of the products for the security of the home and for innovations in the field of emergency lighting. In our site you can find proposals for models of flashlights, including the two below:

  • Charge 500 Lite Aluminum Pocket Flashlight, with low power consumption and long life (with 2 stylus reaches up to 20 hours), resilient in the face of violent rain with ergonomic button flashes and available in two sizes of different sizes, depending on whether they contain one or two touch pens.
  • LEDlite Professional Anti Damage Aluminum Pocket Flashlight with spherical lens that intensifies the light beam and holster with ripping. The sophisticated design allows the support vertically. Available in three sizes.

International company in the production of appliances and accessories, distributor of products for domestic and commercial activities, especially in the United States. Black & Decker signed torches are useful in several situations: in open spaces as in those closed, like camping, in supervisory activities as in emergencies. Whatever the differences of the individual models, the basic features are the same for everyone, on the basis of a uniform technology and operation. The bulb is halogen and quartz; It has a rubber handle, so as to facilitate and make comfortable grip; the on/off position is lockable with a special trigger; the battery is rechargeable for lead and loaded with large duration. Complete the profile adapters to recharge it by car as well as the house, and the upper handle made of metal, designed to protect it if it were to fall. All the torches are also water resistant, so their functionality is not compromised when it is raining or accidentally dropped into the water.