Best Player of Audiobooks and Podcasts to Android

After the success of the article about player RMVB, now the subject is about the best player for podcast, audiobooks and MP3 audio in General: MortPlayer Audio Books.

For a long time I have used to download podcasts to listen to while I’m in the gym or driving. I believe that this is a good way to make the most of the time these activities for some investment in learning. The big problem is that downloading of podcasts only returns non-indexed MP3 files. At most the file is numbered or otherwise then has a number in the name followed by the title of the episode. To put this on my phone was very difficult to keep the correct order of playback using the default player. Also every time I was continue to hear an episode was necessary to remember where I had parked, and ended up wasting more time listening again some parts.

I went out looking for a player for Android to believe that I found the best player I’ve ever used until today. The MortPlayer Audio Books automatically arranges the podcasts using some intelligence to identify by name the files which is the order of episodes. Just put all the MP3 of each podcast in a phone directory and it organizes all alone. Besides it has a widget that makes it easy to start the stop playback directly from a button on the phone’s desktop. You to and he always writes where you stopped listening to each audio. By giving the play again you keep a few seconds ago from where it left off, to recap. The program is all well thought out and full of interesting details.

The MortPlayer has dozens of other functions and is a free app. But it is so well done and complete that many people buy another app from developer who has the only purpose to serve as a donation. Visit the page of MortPlayer Audio Books or do a search for “mortplayer” on Android Market. Install and spend a little time setting you won’t regret it. Solved once the question of play podcasts and audiobooks on the cell! The MortPlayer plays the following audio formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, M4A, 3GP, MIDI, Wave and on some devices the WMA and FLAC are also supported.