Beware! Chat-Apps Can Be Dangerous

The classic sms-message is on the decline, while chat-apps are entering. View why chat apps are uncertain.

Many smartphone users use to a greater extent chat apps that WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger, instead of the more traditional text messages.

It means less revenue for telecommunications companies, but it also means that users will have less control over their private messages.

With traditional text messages remain your text message with telecommunications organizations, while users in no way know where their messages are sent, when sent via chat apps.

With the chat apps will also be greater opportunity to include files and images, and, consequently, the risk of getting viruses or other malicious software on the phone.

Peter Kruse of CSIS says to our site, that companies in the future especially must pay attention to two challenges when the company’s employees using chat-apps:

First of all, you don’t know where the messages end up, and secondly, do you have a great challenge with computer viruses.

-“In many ways we are in danger of returning to the ‘good’ old email-worm. People should be aware that they are sitting with a mini-computer between the hands” says Peter Kruse.