Bijoux Beach

In the look of a perfect beach between simplicity and attention to detail are a must appropriate jewelry. Choose it resistant to the action of sun and salt air.

You endured the sea, but also jewelry that give character to your beach look? The important thing is to know how to navigate. Indeed, for a look-kept beach, which provides for the perfect balance between simplicity and attention to detail, they can not miss adequate jewelry impreziosiscano and exalt your personal style. A recommendation, however, remains necessary: ​​earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets and necklaces should be chosen with particular attention if the interest is to wear them to the beach. Translated, this means focusing on jewelry created with materials resistant to degrading of sun, water, sand and salt, with which you will not risk even those unsightly marks on the skin determined by the oxidation of metelli.

Thereby, to bracelets, necklaces and anklets of fabric, for example made ​​crochet. You might even try your hand to package alone, but if you do not have this attitude and patience you can find many solutions on the net. Colorful and fun, they are the right choice to complete your beach wear, as well as in jewelry resin or plexiglass. But if yours is a more sober style, you could always guide your choices of accessories in wood, leather and leather.

All, however, they must be designed to highlight some details of your body. That’s why it becomes important to combine them and choose the right ones with the fact, remember, we’re at sea, not in a gala evening. If your strong point is the neckline, why did you choose a bikini or an integer with a plunging neckline, a light and jaunty crew neck is recommended, perhaps in coral, ethnic or alternative style, that is, made of natural materials combined with other synthetic.

If they are the arms to give you the most satisfaction, green light to soft or rigid bracelets.They can choose to very simple-in rope, cloth, colored or natural color-or more processed, enriched-why not-from small gems and colored stones.

For those who have long shapely legs and beautiful feet, the ideal is to wear an anklet. A striking detail could be a bell or charmes you can mark your pitch like that of a fairy.

Via also free to earrings and rings, provided you do not overdo it and create harmony with other jewelry worn. In short, it is to avoid the effect of the Christmas tree, which in summer is really impossible to bear.