Bike 4 Peaks

Our site: bike on the back! The first phase of Bike 4 Peaks in Austria offered resistance. We follow Calle Friberg, the four-day race – a challenge for a total of 270 kilometres and 8 860 metres of altitude.

Calle in Kirchan here:-) I am now in Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria to run stage race Bike 4 Peaks that stretches from Wednesday to Saturday. We should fell 270 kilometres and 8 860 meters of altitude to be climbed. The race has this year only Austrian stage locations, even if we are over in Italy at some stage. I ran this 2012 when I broke my collarbone and 2013 where I held it together nicely and became 7th overall. Now it’s time again.

So, after having packed the car full last Friday to take Vätternrundan en route, I arrived and my father Kjell in Bad Kleinkirchheim on Monday night after a little autobahnattack.Kjell has also run this race before, but which he said when someone asked why didn’t he also competes. “We believe that Calle has better chance down here so he can drive” Hehe.

Now I lie on it and rests as hard as I can after a successful first day. Stage 1 offered some shamelessly on 2 349 meters of altitude of only 49 kilometres. That meant two monsterklättringar on each 1,000 meters of altitude. And even utförskörningarna it was rocking on.

The climb started after 300 metres and I lay with directly in the lead and it felt rather in 5-10 minutes before I have to slow down and start over. Here you have to find your own great pace to not blow up themselves. I slipped down to the 10-12th in tredjegrupp.

Then found a good pace and began to feel that I can move up. After about 45 minutes we went up there and I had the company of Karl Platt and David Schöggl. Downhillen was cruel and long. Fun, but tough for the hands, and on a hardtail. Almost the only technical trails in 25 minutes performing with bike helmet and lights from!

Well down in the Valley, we rounded a Lake, got little drug dealing and began to climb the same mountain a solid from the other direction. I had good legs so I fed on my pace. Flat and Schöggl released I noticed. Then drove solo throughout the climb, and I even saw Christoph Sauser and Uwe Hochenwarter approximately 45 seconds in front.

Worked today it became go-and the climbing party who finished the entire ascent. The bike on the back and climbing for 5 minutes. Ouch Ouch! But soon forgotten, so bombed it on fully perform to target in Bad Kleinkirchheim. I then became 4th and am delighted! Is just over a minute behind Sauser and Hochenwarter in goal, but for winning the Italian Juri Ragnoli, it was nothing to do about.

Bike 4 Peaks, results phase 1

1: Juri Ragnoli (ITA) 2.29.54
2: Christoph Sauser (SUI)
3: Uwe Hochenwarter (AUT)
4: Calle Friberg (SWE) 2.35.54
5: Mattias Leisling (DE)

Tomorrow it will apparently be a bit longer and not as brutally up. We’ll see … (83.55 kilometers and 1 957 metres of altitude).