Bike Four Peaks Ergebnisse

Our site: Have you kutat around in snow on tired legs, you also need to treat themselves to a massage. Calle Friberg knows – the third phase of Bike 4 Peaks brought new challenges.

Bike 4 Peaks
Stage 3
82 km and height of 2 500 metres

“Even if it has gone well in the first two phases, I have had some cramping and known that it cost a lot of gunpowder. At the same time, there is not that much different than running on his doorstep and ascend the mountains here. That is when the things you do, or have to make between stages, recording for the recovery to the following day. 
Although we have help with trafficking so it is full up after the finish until bedtime. So it’s a little more to do than my competitors in the top 20 with their team and helpers here as langar, massaging, tinkers, cooks, serves and so on.
We certainly don’t complain here – we have the gun here–but I note and compare with when I ran this race as those with good support.

It was called the Royal stage that went between Kirchberg and Kaprun. It started out nice and slow with a short 65 km distance and then a controlled and calm. It wont always calm down after the first a little excitable stage when everyone should win.
I knew immediately that my legs were real betongklumpar, but hoped it would drop and that I should get started.
It was really steep in the first climbing of almost 1000 metres of altitude again today. First on the gravel road and then went on a kostigar then again become dirt road which then went over to snow. Quite a lot of snow.
We ran in knädjup sometimes bendjup (for me) snow for long passages. I then had first slipped down to 15-20th place type, but had then keyed in and was able to rejoin the race in snow tight group at the top of the first climb.
After a really cool hiking on paths, I began to feel that the front tyres had lost air. H-wheat!
Almost down to the bottom, I stopped and filled in with a cartridge but didn’t get in enough air. It was something the hassles with the valve. So I threw in a tube and waited and hoped that someone I knew would see me and bid on a cartridge. It took a couple of minutes, but South African Reney Groustra was nice enough and give me one.
Then waited a 2.5 km long flat lot where I happily sat with dense group instead of trying to chase the solo with cash. I was sure that 25-30 now. Check 800zipcodes for bike equipments types.
I was ikappkörd after a few miles and got help from four or five pieces. Even if I “strugglade” sturdy even at platten. Really tough.
Arriving at the last climb, I actually found a decent pace and was able to take me up without major problems during this 30-minute ascent that was not so steep. In all cases with alpmått measured.
I picked a few pieces in there. Then followed a steep downhill down to Kaprun on a super-thin kostig. I advanced as usual a couple of positions and became the 17th man. I dropped about 16 minutes against winning Jochen Käss, and 13 minutes against total leader Sauser, which makes me now is 9th overall with two minutes for both 8 and 10. Colin drove alright and is 46 overall.

We now hope that the massage from cyclo-cross star Bart Wellens soigneur Gerry should do the trick for the last day. Bart run here with his brother and have their motor home and support. Cruel nice and funny guy who I met ten years ago when we both ran the Ringerike GP on road in Norway. He thought this was as holiday compared to the busy cross-season.