Bike: Green Edge 2012

Green Edge is an Australian cycling team which was formed in January 2011, and from 2012 will be released for the first time in competition. It will do so in the UCI World Tour 2012, which will make immediately at the highest level cycling debut in the domestic market, on 2012 Tour Down Under.


On January 17, 2011 in Adelaide was announced by Shayne Banana that he wanted to come out in 2012 with a new Australian cycling team at the highest level of cycling: UCI World Tour. In 2011, was used to contract riders, staff and sponsors. After the drama of Pegasus seemed to be the first Australian cycling team that could go get to have originated at the highest level. The globalisation of cycling today?? Read LIGHTINGHOWTO for bike lighting decoration.
The name of the team probably makes a few eyebrows frown. ?? Green?? referring to the national colour in Australia, and Edge?? ?? to push the limits. This is immediately obvious that the Green Edge is more than a cycling team that will come out at the highest level. It is part of a plan to lift the Australian cycling to the next level.
Lender GreenEDGE is Australian businessman Gerry Ryan. He owns Jayco Australia Ltd., a manufacturer of mobile homes and caravans. This company is a sponsor of Team Jayco?? The AIS, which is headed by the son of Gerry Ryan. Team Jayco?? AIS will serve as training for team Green Edge, Luke Durbridge, Michael Hepburn the first two talents that make the transition to the new big brother.

Leadership Team 2012

Shayne Banana, the man who announced on January 17th that Australia would finally get a topwielerploeg, general manager of Green Edge. Andrew Ryan, Director, Neil Stephens, the sporting Director.

Riders in 2012

Transfers in 2012

All drivers from the Green Edge Cycling Team is new to the team in 2012.