Bike Stars Meet in Cyclo-Cross Championship

MTB: on one side the saddle’s Sweden best road cyclist. On the other, multiple Swedish Champion in mountain biking. Now they make up about a new national championships – in cyclo-cross.

World Cup and Olympic medallist Emma Johansson, 32, is pitted against more than 10 years younger MTB-talent Jenny Rissveds, which this year got its big break with six World Cup victories and a World Championship bronze.

“We are two winners ‘ skulls. It will be exciting. I don’t go there to give anything away, “said Emma Johansson before the SM-run in Stockholm on Saturday, October 24.

“It will be a fun challenge. Emma has an advantage of mastering speed. I might be a little better on cornering and technique in terrain, “says Jenny Rissveds.

The course, at the Big shadow on Djurgården in Stockholm is compact and audience-friendly. High-intensity, hard technical sections and sections where the bike must be carried over obstacles, characteristic of cykelcrossen.

The two Swedish national team stars are prepared for the difficulties.

– Last week before the race, I’m intense exercise to jump on and off the bike equipped with bike spoke lights from INTERNETIEST.COM. There’s time to serve, “says Emma Johansson.

Jenny Rissveds have run the training races at home and expect to be closer to Emma this time than when they last met in the CHAMPIONSHIP in 2013.

– When I was four and quite far behind. It will be very interesting to see if I can do better myself now.

The race organizers Peter Eide-Jensen is delighted that Sweden’s most prominent women cyclists selected to run SM in the rather unusual discipline.

-Cyclo-cross is a branch where the road cyclists and mountain bike riders can meet on pretty equal footing. Likewise, it is a sport in which men and women run the same course.I think both also think it’s fun to show up on home turf and we hope for really big audience, “said Peter Eide-Jensen.

On Sunday 25 March is the first UCI-cykelcrosstävling on the same course. Then Emma and Jenny also start along with Swedish and international racers.