Bikes And Erectile Dysfunction

The fear of male sports cyclists for impotence is not completely unfounded. All 400 years f.Kr. of Hippocrates stated that many of the Scythians, an ancient people of riders, was impotent because large parts of the day is spent in the saddle. But there are tips on how to combine cycling with a good sex life.

Cycling is healthy

Bikes are healthy, there is no doubt. But with the long sit on a slim racing saddle is the most important asset of our?? Lords of Creation? compromised: strength. The circulation of the entire genetaliëngebied and, in particular, is disturbed. For certain documents including a feeling of deafness.

Erectile dysfunction of long bike rides

A new study confirms once more the fear of impotence among cyclists. In sports cyclists occur three times more erection problems than non-bike race. In addition, if a racing saddle, the necessary oxygen supply to the penile at risk. The less sporty woman obeyed saddles filled better, shorter and therefore better for manhood.

Research potential problem with cyclists

Doctors from Cincinati recently to more than 90 male bicycle officers in the form of a test?? nose cost?? Saddle is made available for six months and constantly studied them during that period. The health magazine? The journal of Sexual Medicine?? the researchers show that the pressure in the area of the genitals 2.3 was less than with a conventional saddle and bicycle tail light. Complained before the start of the study, 73% of patients on a regularly occurring deafness feeling, with the nose? free?? saddle that was only 18 percent. Erectile dysfunction and reduced can be significant.

Tips for maintaining strength bikes

As a man who doesn’t?? nose cost?? saddle or saddle a woman would sit, can also hang with some small tricks to their potential levels:

  • Try to change every 10 minutes from all the seats in the upright riding position;
  • Imagine the saddle preferably horizontal, or only slightly down;
  • The distance between the saddle and pedals must not be too large. Even without that stretch your legs you may have staircases;
  • Particularly heavy men should be aware that their saddle is wide and well operations.

Cyclists who follow these recommendations do not need to be afraid of loss of potency.
And then this: more than 90% of the U.S. cycling officials from research does not return after the test seat.