Black Friday. Discounted Shopping Not Only in America!

Black Friday is no longer just a americana. Scoprite tradition with us where also save in Italy.

Americans, you know, are always on and from them not only there are no simple balances, but even before they arrive and are concentrated in one long day: Black Friday.  Once digested the classic turkey stuffing day before, that is to say on Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving day) hordes of people of all ages waiting for the opening of shops to buy Christmas gifts at discounted prices .

The crisis exists and is everywhere and therefore, as a bit ‘of time, many department stores have even decided to bring forward the opening of shops on Thanksgiving evening without even wait until it is really Friday that pushed some to talk Black Thursday.  But where does the name Black Friday ? Some believe it comes from the immense traffic of this chaotic day, so terrible for him to deserve this adjective, others think it is to be given to Merchant accounts from red books of account, indicating losses, would rise to black, indicating the earnings. The shops besieged are also the most famous such as Walmart, Macy’s and Target, in short, the large chains that normally have low prices and thus also for this are taken by storm after hours straight.

But they buy the Americans? Above all hi-tech, it appears that the majority of children and young people have requested to Santa Claus an Apple product , especially the new born: the I Pad Mini; but there are also numerous appeal consoles like the new Nintendo Wii U.  The adults seem to be more practical in fact seems to have gone to a vacuum cleaner steals sold at the modest sum of $ 40, as well as towels, slippers and pajamas.

Even fashionistas have had bread for their teeth as they were many shops to offer discounts and unmissable promotions: from H & M to GAP, from Bloomingdales to Banana Republic and these are just a few names from those on the list compiled by the Daily News ( see to believe). L’Italia of rest lately I said to remain to watch, Black Friday is tinged with green-white and red and even landed us with promotions that can not leave us indifferent, and thanks to which you can also buy a total look: lingerie from Oysho (20% discount), Yamamay (20% discount) or Golden Point (Promotion on outfits), clothing from Tally Weijl (20% discount) or Piazza Italy (50% of leaders selected) and finally the accessories from Carpisa (30% on selected garments).

Large electronics chains even remain indifferent and even in Italy offer many discounts, especially the giant Media World is advertising the Red Friday , needless to say that the iPad offering a bargain price is going to steal. Who still do in front of the pc? Hurry to buy something and if you do not have enough money for gasoline and you are forced to stay at home, do not worry e commerce is the right choice for you. Start from Zara Home that to offer the Free shipping also offers a 20% discount to all its customers and decorated your home for Christmas. Let’s shop!