BlackBerry Passport, Phone Suit and Tie is Renewed with a Unique Design

BlackBerry has been for many years a manufacturer of reference in the world of mobile telephony. They opted for its singular proposal of smartphone with keyboard and it has done very well in the professional market. After a break, this year have become one of the most unique handsets we’ve seen this year: Blackberry Passport.

Square display makes it a unique terminal, says A smart, very careful design which shows that BlackBerry comes with force for users looking for productivity and tool work on your phone. Do you not know it? In technology you to you we tell you everything you need to know about it.

New design, just as classic

BlackBerry has always been characterized by spoil the finish of its terminals. Phones simple but at the same time classic, a simple combination of plastic with metal very well executed. They never compete for being the finest but its sturdiness make they can withstand all.

In his hand is a terminal that wins integers. Comfortable, perfect for use with both hands and thanks to its format can use it landscape to taking advantage of the keyboard. How? Very simple, your system is very sophisticated that combines the physical with the tactile.

The BlackBerry Passport keyboard works on the one hand as the phones of this company. Large and comfortable buttons that make that keystrokes are quick and not us trabemos fast typing. All this should add a touchpad with which we can do touch gestures.

A touchpad as a laptop. I.e., we can pass the fingertip by keyboard to perform gestures. For example, we can use it while we are navigating a website to make scroll instead of letting your finger on the screen.


Horizontally, it serves to delete words when we’re writing, or vertically, by sending the autocorrector suggestions to save you a few clicks.

As soon as take you the point, we realize that this is a very useful function. Therefore, if we take the mobile landscape, keyboard on one side stays perfect for navigating to pages such as when we are in the computer.

Your screen, as we said is square and has a size of 4.5 inches. Its resolution is 1440 × 1440 pixels and allows you to see everything in detail. Although it is an unusual format, it is a magnificent combination perfect for read and are as comfortable to play.

Inside BlackBerry has not wanted to make short and has opted for a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 a chip carrying other high-end phones by that experience that we receive is fluid and without obstacles of any kind. A different top.

The culmination of BlackBerry 10: now with Android apps

The main differential characteristic of this BlackBerry found in your software. BlackBerry 10 is a different operating system that offers a user experience which in many cases has nothing to do with Android or iPhone for example.

Your system is geared to productivity, applications for work, to always have our documents… I spoke further about it some time ago and although it is different, it’s worth give it a try and discover what we can do with it.

The most spectacular is BlackBerry Hub, according to, a notification Center where we have all the information that comes to your mobile phone. Think of this as a panel-style Android but vitamin-enriched. Everything ordered so that we do not lose us or a single message. The best in this paragraph, no doubt.

It has always said that BlackBerry has few applications but in Passport we can install any app in Android. Don’t you believe it? You can have them such which, thanks to the only Amazon app store you have to download them and use them as one. They are optimized and performance is excellent.

Of course not only is software for the BlackBerry. Its 13 megapixel camera allows us to take pictures with a great quality thanks to a light sensor and processing software that captures well the colors. We carry a few days testing it and we are delighted. Don’t you think so? Ask your questions in the comments.