BlackBerry Priv in the Test

Is a BlackBerry with Android as unnecessary as a goiter? Or is he the solution that fans of mobile E-Mail pioneer have been waiting for? It must show the new Priv in the laboratory test.

BlackBerry owners always knew what they had: the out gefuchsteste of written communication system, which is to get on a Smartphone. Already in the Organization of emails, messages and calls the BlackBerry is vastly superior hub to other mail apps. Also when writing shows the hub using learning, multilingual word proposal as a perfect tool for the perfectly-shaped mail. In addition the existing at the most BlackBerrys ergonomic, mechanical keyboard, which offers a much higher accuracy than other smartphones touch screen keyboards.

Ausziebare keyboard

The Priv is even sliding the keyboard and can be hidden behind the large display when not in use. Also is executed as a touchscreen, such as the long list of Inbox scroll allows you to. As far as and as much of the praise. It comes but, to exploit the full potential of a Smartphone, that shows weaknesses exclusive BlackBerry operating system. To find your way in a strange city is recommended with the pre-installed navigation for drivers with some smears.

Pedestrians should if at all possible access to other tools. Also public transport with the BlackBerry is the fateful question. There’s not an app for the certainly not less important Munich MVV for the Stuttgart VVS. The app supply is excellent bottom line in many key areas. She meets but also fast boundaries, such as the control of Sonos – or Bose-Multiroom systems.

A new era

Here, the new Priv is a decisive advantage. He is turning the back on BlackBerry OS 10 and works with Android 5.1 operating system. So Google maps is for the first time on a BlackBerry at home, and otherwise the unrivalled choice of Google play store is ready. The times in which the decision for a mail Professional by BlackBerry with far-reaching restrictions in other functionality was connected, are so over.

But for the Priv enters the world of data collector by Google, instead of staying in the applicable trust Cosmos of the manufacturer. After all: Blackberry has installed an app called DTEK on the Priv, with which it is possible control various security aspects, to monitor accesses the downloaded app on which data and device capabilities. So you can easily weigh whether an application pulls more data than she need for their services and whether their advantage in relation to the risk caused by it is.

Strong hardware

In hardware, BlackBerry shows again highest expertise. The extension mechanism of the keyboard runs smoothly and sick and is stiff as a good race car. The Priv is the already mentioned, excellent QWERTY keyboard at the bottom, it comes with 450 cd / m ² very bright OLED display with generous 5.4 inch and rich 2560 x 1440 pixels for use. The side edges of the display, which are generously rounded and drawn in a stabilizing metal frame complete the impression of high quality.

Faster chip, good reception

Who switch from an older top Android Smartphone on the Priv, will be surprised by the working speed of the Snapdragon-808 processor fired by 3 gigabytes of memory. This impression is underlined in the mobile use of the Internet. Thanks to radio properties on the limits of the possibilities also brings the best in UMTS and LTE networks the BlackBerry. Only from the batteries even more tickling other manufacturers, but also the stamina earned a “good” of the. And when the camera of the new BB don’t need before the current Smartphone elite to hide: the 18-megapixel sensor delivers images of high natural and impressive fine detail even under difficult lighting conditions.

The best of two worlds

If you can live with Android as the operating system, gets the best of both worlds with the BlackBerry Priv now. A strong communication machine in conjunction with the largest conceivable app offer was not to get so far for money and good words. The size and weight are bearable in the face of the keyboard and the superb display, and the requested price of 779 euros is quality and facilities fully justified. The Priv is a BlackBerry, which arouses covetousness.