BlackBerry Relies Entirely on Android: All Its Devices of 2016 Will Be Based on the Google OS

In an interview during the ongoing CES 2016 in Las Vegas, John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, let himself go to some interesting statements regarding strategies that Canadian society has plans to undertake during the 2016. In particular, Chen announced that it will launch a new device in the year, which could follow a second by the end of 2016, both based on Android.

The 2015 was an unusual year for Blackberry, since we have seen the launch of Blackberry Priv, the first smartphone based on Android created by the Canadian producer. Thanks to the excellent work by Blackberry on Android, the abandonment of the proprietary operating system BlackBerry 10 did not have negative consequences as regards the high safety standards to which the company has used its customers over the years, however, a very high price and a highly niche form factors have not helped many Blackberry Priv to get the expected success.

Nevertheless, Chen is sure Priv will be able to give prestige to the brand again and that will represent an essential element for winning the 2016, which is to continue to be one of the player within the smartphone market. The continuing losses finance led the company at a crossroads, with one of the two roads pointing straight towards the abandonment of production of hardware. The two new proposals which will arrive this year will try to exploit the rift opened by Priv inside the Android world, so as to consolidate the presence of Blackberryand offer a viable alternative to competitors such as Samsung, LG and HTC.

Chen’s announcement follows some rumor, confirmed by the same, that they anticipated the extent of commercialization of Priv to the other major players in America, in addition to arriving to 31 new markets and a possible drop in price in the near future. Chen acknowledged that the strategy of an exclusive launch with AT & T (USA) has certainly facilitated the debut of the Terminal, even if Blackberry was not in condition to do otherwise, given the inability to deal with a full-scale launch.

Although the 2016 seems to be a year of Android, Blackberry has no plans to abandon BlackBerry 10, given the company’s efforts to make its OS get new certifications on security that will allow Government use even more extensive than it is now. Chen did not rule out a return of the platform in the future, although for now the efforts have focused on the Android world.

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