BlackBerry User Even iPhone for Twitter

It has happened sometimes that people have “tweeted” from a wrong phone, but it is rarely a company’s official profile.

There are many who have gotten their ears in Twitter-machine on the not so good way. Celebrities who are sponsored by, for example, Samsung has “tweeted” from their iPhones, and it’s obviously been intercepted-and it is now also happened to BlackBerry.

However, it is not just a celebrity, which is sponsored by BlackBerry-which the company also has a few pieces of-but BlackBerrys official profile on Twitter, who have had time in his iPhone.

The Verge reached to take a screenshot of BlackBerry’s tweet that was sent from an iPhone, before “tweeted” was deleted again. Although it may seem like a small thing to some, then it’s not good PR, that people who work for or are sponsored by a company not even use these products.

BlackBerry’s App World is not the greatest appportal, but there is after all a Twitter app for BlackBerry’s phones, so it can be done.