Do We Want to Talk to Strangers on The Subway? a Campaign in London It Promotes and The Users Are Not Very Agree

7: 30 am. Big city. On the way to work. Crowded subway cars. Dream. Fervent desire to be Friday. Or Saturday. In general, not be in the subway car. And, suddenly, a stranger you want to strike up a conversation. Continue the roll or discreetly put headphones and pray that soon reached our stop? In London, a campaign promoting the talk between strangers and the reactions it has provoked enough teach us about human behavior (at least on public transport).

What Tube Chat?

Jonathan Dunne is an American based in London, which considered that the subway of London (and, in a way, the city itself) are hostile with strangers. He hails from a small town and he is proud that, to her, the neighbors talk to each other. Therefore considered a good idea creating a sheet with the legend Tube Chat? («Do talk in the metro?’). His idea was simple: who takes her clear colleagues wagon that is willing to engage in conversation.

To do this, spent 100 pounds (114 euros) in an order of 500 sheets and began to distribute them in different metro stations London. As you can see in the picture, the sheet appears together with a booklet which reads as follows: “talk to other travelers. It carries this sheet to make known to others that you are interested. You’ll benefit from a bit of everyday talk. Start using it today!».

A good idea… or not

A priori, it does not sound bad. In a city like London, with so many people from different parts of the world who probably doesn’t know anyone in the city… It could be a good way to make friends (or pretend that they have for a while, at least). Even the TFL, the organization that runs the city’s transport, has disconnected from the initiative, but making it clear that they think an interesting idea.

Another thing are Londoners, native or adoption. The own Dunne acknowledges that only 20%, about people is delivered to the veneer well react, While the remaining 80% it seems the worst idea in the history. Even The Guardian has published that the campaign «has provoked horror among travelers».

I think I may be the only one in the world who thinks that #tubechat is a good idea. I like talking to people. You might learn something…

— Daniel Braddock (@braddersd) September 29, 2016

“I think that I am the only one in the world who believes that #tube_chat is a good idea. I like talking to people. You might learn something…».

We are anti-social, Yes… but very funny

If something has been very clear with reactions to the campaign is that, on the London underground, the people don’t want to talk about. But a subsequent investigation in social networks has revealed something else: we are a fun society. Because responses to candida Dunne idea have been varied.:

The worst thing about the badges is that they haven #tube_chat ‘ t even CONSIDERED the rest of us, who ‘ have to listen to it happening.

— Lauren Bravo (@laurenbravo) September 29, 2016

«Worst of the plates #tube_chat is that they have not even considered the rest of us, we have to listen to them».

Imagine if a stranger wearing a badge tried to talk to you on the tube; I ‘ d probably start crying #tube_chat

— Geri Reid (@gerireid) September 29, 2016

«Imagine a stranger carrying a plate tries to talk to you on the subway; I, probably, I would cry».


— Simon Gurney (@normygenius) September 29, 2016

First brexit and chat, this needs to stop #tube_chat tube now

— GallentGalem (@CrimsonGalem) September 29, 2016

«First the Brexit and now the Tube Chat.» This has to stop».

Dear strangers, please do not talk to me on the tube. Or anywhere else. #tube_chat

— Suzanne Barbieri (@PolarKoala) September 29, 2016

«Dear strangers, please, I do not talk on the subway. Or in any other site».

Sums it up for me. #tube_chat

— FITE DA CHILD0FTHEMIND (@pewpy) September 29, 2016

«That don’t leave you happen to talk to me on the subway».

Gonna wear my own badge on the Tube tomorrow

— Dan (@_Cabble) September 29, 2016

“Leave me alone”.

I fixed the #tubechat badge. Can we have these ones instead, @TfL? #sodoff

— Roo (@MrRoo) September 29, 2016

Veneer: «go to hell». Brochure: “you and the rest of travelers are exhausted. If the headphones do not alienate the talkers, it carries this plate. They will pick up the message’!.


— Linen (@linopolis) September 29, 2016

«Do I smell you hair?».

Nice and simple. Gets the point across. #tube_chat

— FITE DA CHILD0FTHEMIND (@pewpy) September 29, 2016


— Giacomo G Casanova (@CasanovasTool) September 29, 2016

“There are seven million people in London and all have armpits. Welcome to our capital».

A photo published by Andy Gibbons (@andyffgibbons) 29 SEP 2016 (s) 2:54 PDT

A photo posted by  Queen of the Jungle (@chells___) 29 Sep 2016 ♌️ (s) 3:20 PDT

Veneer: «No me hables, fuck». Brochure: «respect urban loneliness. Nobody wants to be on this train. We are all tired. Cope with the minimum possible crap».

A picture published by tattooed_mummy (@tatmummy) 29 SEP 2016 to (s) 12:02 PDT

Veneer: «do talk drunken?». Brochure: “talk to other drunken travellers. It carries this sheet to let them know that you have taken one or two. You’ll benefit from a daily talk. Start using it today!».

The sad end of history

Jonathan Dunne surrenders. It has taken, after twenty years living by seasons in London, that the American and British society are very different. And a small town has little to do with one of the largest cities in the world. «I did not too. I thought it would be fun. In summer I participated in a social Committee that tried to organize a health event on the occasion of the Olympic Games. Nor anyone involved… really, did anyone’, he told The Telegraph.

Anyway, it does not rule out return to distribute more badges in the future. It is apparently unavailable to discouragement,. I don’t know you, but this man has given me a lot of grief.

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