Go or No Go Meeting Alumni 15 Years Later

I don’t mind distributing candy to all those children who Club my door Halloween night or that my children receive gifts from Santa Claus at the risk of eclipsing the Magi. I even agreed to wear my son’s old man for kindergarten graduation party. But… going to a meeting of Alumni? Or you dream it! I’m still not as desperate as Peggy Sue.

Those were my words when my best friend asked me to come to the meeting of alumni of my school. Fifteen days later there I was: dressed in my best clothes, hairdressing worsted and showing my best smile to the recalcitrant delegate from my class while it stabbed me the bib with the pin of my ID card.

Would that what changed my mind? For the same reason posed lately I introduce myself to the casting of the next big brother: escaping the quiet of my home; i.e., deliver me from children’s baths, dinners, stories and run washing machines in the light of the moon. Yes. The routine also upsets us.

But back to the topic. That night I found myself subjected to déjà vu continued, surrounded by the same people that spent more than seven hours a day there by the Pleistocene; with that shared laughter, complaints and punishments at Headquarters and now, fifteen years later, real strangers were me. I met me with my BFF from adolescence, we salute us with screams and when philosophy professor climbed to the stage of the gym to give his speech, I hid in the back row. Finally, I experienced one of these regressions to the past that speaking psychoanalysts, but unlike Peggy Sue, without the dramatic moment of fainting.

Why do I tell you this story? There is an explanation: Alumni meetings are here to stay as the food truck, brunch and Boxer braids (that not to all us “favor”, hear). So I am forced to recommend that you ask yourself these questions before deciding the “yes I want” to your party of the insti:

1 remember the person you were 15 years ago, for better and for worse.

Make no mistake, it was yesterday when we lanzábamos the CAP in the air at the graduation ceremony, but fifteen years have passed since that may seem. And fifteen non-mucus from Turkey. Fifteen years give for wanting. The person we are now little has to do with where we were at that time. And I do not speak of first wrinkles, a new dye hair or those brazen pounds which, without receiving any invitation, have decided to stay to live in the back.

I speak of something more profound, of our essence. With age we see life from a completely different way, not to mention how we live it. Our objectives and priorities have also changed with the passage of time, for example: fifteen years ago you wanted to travel around the world and now you conform with travel every day to your work drive to not hold the meter glow.

And what happens when you go to a homecoming dresses? Then make you unconsciously look rewinding the movie of your life then crush you with existential questions: I’ve achieved all my goals? I have the life that had planned for me? what I’ve become?

Take stock of what is good and bad as he said that song of Mecano is a death trap for the man. Always fails or is missing something in the life of one. In fact, it would be strange that you have fulfilled every one of the objectives of a list that you confeccionaste at an age in which the Backstreet Boys looked like you the best boy band of the history and you thought blindly that Britney Spears would not lose her virginity until not you marry Justin Timberlake.

2 ask yourself: do I really want to travel back in time?

If you’re a faithful follower of the movement ‘I went to the primary school’ or you’re convinced that there has been never a better than series ‘Friends’, It is likely the meeting of alumni to satisfy all your expectations: you recall the nicknames of your teachers, the mess to the American who was the trip’s end of course and many other amusing anecdotes. Funny… for some.

-Do you remember that trick we take Super Glue in the glasses of the pariahs of class? What was the name of that aunt? Miriam? Miranda?


-Are you sure? I does not sound…

-Well Yes, I’m as safe as I’m Mireia and you José de la Rosa, alias the cocoon.

3 and who attends these meetings?

The losers? Noooo. Except that the losers have become men and women of success.

-Remember that the guys from the football team always destroyed my mockups for touch me noses? Thanks to them, years later I created a video game network of buildings where participants strive to destroy the great architectures of opposites. A multinational company bought it for me and as I can see: wrapped from head to toe. Do you have you done all these years?

4 and you reencontrarás with your ex… with your damn and former massif

Let me add that if he is still taking bread and wet, lucky you, friend. Because overcome the breakdown (as I said, 15 years give to much) always can still hang you the medallita before your friends: “Yes, girls, I was with him and… go, go!” “is preserved but that very well: I always had a great taste…” And in not-so-extraordinary cases, I have seen it with my own eyes, returns to sizzling flame of passion between two former loves.

The problem comes when our colleague, Mr. TIEMPO has striking with your ex without regard. Or it has transformed into a real jerk. There things change, friend. The myth is gets into full cranium… yours still populated of hair, hers as the State of Arizona.

5 get ready to listen to the bio of a hundred people with included Photo Gallery.

When the conversation is in decline, all the present make there own of this century; they take their mobile and invite you to review photo to photo every important episode in his life: the day that were married, pregnancy month-to-month delivery, first baby mash, their first steps… And gives thanks to the fact that you are a mother and you have material to counter-attack, because those who are not married or do not have children… the Holy Job nor Jennifer Aniston have enough patience to endure such suckling pig and the blast of insolent questions that raining them: “you do not have children or you can not?”, “impossible you’ve not met anybody interesting; sure that you have become very demanding with age”.
Patience, sisters.

6. it is possible for you to live some moments of tension.

It will be better to explain you this point the companions of Úrsula Corberó in ‘ physics and chemistry, who lived their Earth swallow me particularly when the actress made public orgeys are riding during filming.

7 and finally: assume the consequences “posreunion”

The best? Your old friend, your soul twin, that with which you intercambiabas you the cords of the Converse, will return to the future of your life to the Marty McFly. The worst? What you will be included in a new group of WhatsApp: “the insti colleagues”. And the predictable? The next morning hangover. Or perhaps you thought that at meetings of Alumni serving grape juice? Friend, 15 years give much, but some things never change.

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