Google PlayGround, The Game Center of Android?

The coming week begins Google I/O, the event for developers that will take as absolute protagonist to Android and that many new developments are expected. Among them could be one that we had not counted, and that by the name of Playground.

That nickname appears capitalized on invitation to a talk on May 15 at 9 in the morning (Pacific time), and some media indicate that it could be dedicated to the launch of a new gaming facility for Android You emularĂ­a some of the features of the Game Center Apple.
Although everything is hypothesis, the fact is that invitation – actual – effectively targets a release in the field of games with that phrase of its slogan, “Let’s play together” (“Let’s play together”) and which could make reference to that Android games Center, or perhaps just to their evolutions in the expected Ingress augmented reality game, He spoke recently in Xataka Android.

However, the appearance of that Assembly that is reminiscent of “Space Invaders” leave us in doubt. It could be an Assembly, but it also we may have surprises in this sense. Do you think that Google needs a gaming facility of iOS-style?

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