Light & Flowers: the Gorgeous Wedding Dresses of the Spring Collection

When I get a lookbook of Sareh Nouri in my hands I’m always a little speechless. When the first pictures of the spring Collection 2015 after the NYC Bridal Fashion Week went online in April it was once again around me and it was a real mammoth task to put together the more than 80 pictures of the lookbook the most beautiful for you. But it’s done! I am pleased to present to you today the Spring Collection 2015 of Sareh Nouri Bridal.

As you would expect, the pictures–just like the wedding dresses of course–are a dream. According to, the collection of flowers and natural patterns was inspired, which is particularly reflected in the noble top fabrics, which are produced exclusively in a French manufactory. And then of course there is the one dress of the collection that indicates the tone: it is called Orchid and is truly an orchid. Depending on the incidence of light, the dreamlike fabric shimmers in the most different shades of pink and purple, simply unbelievable.

This artful lookbook is taken from Millie Batista. Not only the wedding dresses can be seen that they play absolutely in their own league–even the photographs are a class in themselves.

Bridal Gowns and Veils: Sareh Nouri I photography: Millie Batista I selected lace: House of Sophie Hallette I hair: Magda s Nyitray I makeup: Jessica Martini of Magda’s Designs Inc.

Fancy some more wedding dresses by Sarah Nouri?

Lookbook Sareh Nouri~Fall Collection 2014~by Laura Gordon Photography

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