Makeup with Colored Eyelashes Mask

For your July issue, the magazine Harper’s Bazaar featured a beauty editorial super colorful, with a footprint very retro, with the models Charon Cooijmans and Anouk de Heer clicked by Dutch photographer Alique. The looks were made with different separadinhos and fashion eyelashes delineated bright colors like pink, Orange and blue in the shadows and lipsticks, combined with white porcelain skins and perfect.

Colorful eyelashes and separated with outlined well defined were bet

In the eyes of beauty editorial models were quite prominent and there were delineated marked and defined lashes. With a retro-chic footprint, the mask of Cilia a colorful Navy Blue was one of the stars of the production, and appeared both in superiors as inferior, leaving them well separated. Black also appeared to beautify your eyes, and the eyeliner has been used both in shapes graphics as in well defined paths. Fine lines that were stretched to the eyelash line, outlined in the entire line of water, and even kittens well thick and evident were some of the options presented.

White skin well opaque was the choice for the editorial

Charon Cooijmans skin and Anouk de Heer, beauty artist Peter Philips chose a look super delicate, of a whiteness of porcelain. To give a bit of three-dimensionality to the faces of the models, the blush was applied in the concave of the cheeks, and the pink and peach were the elect of the time. The makeup artist still chose to leave the skin very opaque, using the Illuminator only in the internal corner of the eye and the bow of Cupid, and the outline was set aside for the production of vintage air.

Strong colors in the eyes, lips and nails were assured the retro touch

In addition to the mask of Cilia Navy Blue, the colors present in the clicks for this editorial were pretty Alique holiday and happy. In lipsticks, the Orange appeared on several looks, in vibrant tones and matte texture. The rose also appeared very intense, in two different shades with glossy finish, and the nude was not forgotten to complement more elaborate eye makeup. For these, and pastel metallic colors were the stakes. In one of the clicks, the protagonist of shadow Blue Metallic make very intense, applied both in the upper eyelid as inferior, and in another, pastel green and pink shadows appeared combined with outlined in ‘ Cleopatra ‘. The purple and gold also emerged in the eye as milder alternatives and, to the nails, the red orange was the choice for production.

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