Star Command Would Make His Arrival to Android in June

It is one of the games that most have been delayed from its original date of departure and after a long wait is about to come to Android. Star Command We presented as a game that mixed the Star Treck universe with a capacity of management inspired by the Game Dev Story of Kirosoft, but with one much deeper, in addition to a combat system.

After more than one year since it initiated its rondad and financing, can already say with certainty the date of arrival to Android in this game, as expected for spring 2012. One year later than that date, the company that carried out this project already can offer a launch trailer, because its output is next for iOS.

They are still under development, but trying to eliminate all bugs that are possible. Of the game in iOS is scheduled for the month of may, while Android it out a month later, being June as early arriving. Those who have contributed to make the game a reality enjoy the game who have supported, being especially patients.

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