The Epic Adventure of Search Floor of Maiden. GIF Version

You are 30 years old and follow living with your parents (those words echo a grave in your mind). No, you’re not alone and all has happened – and we still going on-. But it seems that people don’t know how difficult it is find the perfect single floor today. If you find yourself in one of the major cities as Madrid or Barcelona. Prices are extremely high, meters are scarce and the status of some places should be checked by health. Behold the epic adventure look floor maiden today.

A ritual that is repeated day after day

1. The day begins – after a couple of cafes and a good sandwich with cheese- Turning on the computer and doing a review of all the morning emails. First of all? Does not cater to the immediate desires of your boss, the absolute priority is review new ads on the different Web sites to which you have subscribed… And which you fill your Inbox with spam impossible to pay floors (or authentic pigpens which should pay you to live there).

2. In fully meeting your mobile alerts you of a new ad: good area, reasonable price and more than 20m 2.

3. But suddenly you take a moment to see the images of the place… And it is more of the same.

4. Although sometimes you don’t know how to begin to feel for believing to have found the floor. And suddenly badaboom! The price looks out at the end Ad.

5. And without knowing how your mind wander and are imagine that you win the EuroMillions. Here’s where start to review for flats and houses that you can never allow you.

You have an appointment

1. You have already taken the first step: you call the REALTOR and you have asked for appointment. Finally and after, these 4 walls that form a space of 30m 2 seem to have some charm if you look at them from a different perspective.

2. But that day the luck is not on your part and 5 minutes before you arrive to the place they call you to communicate that it has already rented. By little…!

3. Leaving a couple of days of mourning back to get you hands on. You repeat the ritual and you pray that no one ahead before seeing the floor in question.

4. The first impression upon entering the place? How to describe it…?

5. And then you walk into your kitchen.

6. And you imagine making living in the bathroom.

7. To see your expression of the real estate try to encourage claiming that some small improvements in respective stays must be made.

8. And to get home disappointed do the accounts. And you realize what really You can afford and pay.

The bargain that does not exist

1. There are days that without knowing how you find a ‘bargain’ and you don’t want that take out you of the hands.

2. The stalkeo is rather constant and flames every three seconds to rent it (even without seeing it know that it is the best thing you’ve seen in a long time).

3. But to answer the phone, the friendly saleswoman you announces that the price is not correct and that they have doubled it.

4. And you feel that you will never find floor – as well as partner-.

Social pressure is real

1. Is likely that social pressure has accelerated the search process and the desire to become independent. And it’s that you’re tired of hiding whenever someone asks you where and with whom you live.

2. How can we explain to the people how difficult that is find single floor without sharing expenses with anyone…?

3. But you always say the same thing: your family has asked you not you go home and you respect your wishes.

4. And then it appears your single friend who remained independent and says that at the end He found a floor.

The paperwork to rent

1. Receipts, Bank extracts, payroll… The paperwork can sometimes be too.

2. Two months deposit, payment to the estate, payment of the first month… The current account empty as if by magic.

3. Enter Ikea you know what will happen.

4. And raisins after the first month you know what it’s like to live alone.

5. But at the end and at the end you do not already live with parents… And you have a room for you and your stuff.

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