Vodafone Shortens The Service Life of The Prepaid Cards

A month in advance, Vodafone has begun to send SMS to its prepaid customers informing them of the new period of validity of your cards during which they can maintain the number without having to recharge.

As of October 18, 2009, Vodafone prepaid cards will be valid for 9 months from activation or last recharge, and thereafter, will begin a period of 1 month (compared with three months allowing up to now) during which only can received calls since the possible balance that we shall be frozen.

During the last month (the tenth if we take into account that they are 9 + 1), will be charged a minimum of $ 5 for retrieve the possible balance that we stay and start another period of validity, or if you prefer no reload, the number will be given low losing all that take associated.

After this change, Vodafone is made equal to the period of prepayment of Orange (which is 9 + 1), but they are still higher than the Movistar (6 + 46 days).

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