Blush on The Vintage Shot

Vintage yet? So push the door of the Paris apartment with us, and find out how you recompose the past in version chic and casual.

In the backyard of a neighborhood of Paris, this apartment Haussmann revit under the watchful eye of Sabrina Ficarra.

His idea? Work strong color by Panel in each room to not darken the whole; a panel that includes all the frames in the lounge for example, where both windows and baseboards are entirely painted white walls surrounding ensuring brightness.

No curtains and little furniture to keep a spirit loft. As for the corridor, without outward, it is more intended only as a passage. Sabrina chose to treat it as a ‘box’, in a khaki green associated with a set of cubes-shelves in bright colors that create the scenery… and function.

The apartment evolves with the novelties of the Red collection, without so far turn into showroom. The mix of furniture, antiques to the chips – a row of Italian, some mirrors, lights… – and creations more contemporary, often inspired by Scandinavian design, works great. Of beautiful rugs, vintage dress parts, like those of the 1960s and 1980s Azilal. on the walls, illustrations, neon lights, photo prints that have marked the history of the brand, yet young enough.

Vintage furniture

Cyril Laborde conceived it a few years ago when he lived at the Vintage Finders. Witness of the know-how of the local artisans in woodworking and lacquer, he imagines a collection that would not be based on reissues but creations in a vintage spirit
While playing the card of the quality: the objects are most of the time handmade solid wood (often of Oak). The brand offers furniture that marry with everything and, especially, are intergenerational. Textile choices have also an important role of the creation: Cyril is working with Boussac and Pierre Frey to develop graphics to vintage spirit but current.

Red Edition is also a work of young designers such as David Hodkinson, Macon & Lesquoy… as well as Sabrina Ficarra-originally,-which comes from the world of fashion and has a look “very material and textile, always privileging the coherence of a collection.

Now she lives here with her two children, Vadim and Aurelius, whose common room, adorned a wall blue cyan (hue layout), has an office designed by architect Marco Tortorici, a friend. Indeed, this apartment exudes friendship!