Bonne Gueule Porter Cardigan

All these reasons make that say my taste for the big knit shawl collar cardigan.

After in a beige and grey with Six & seven for the BonneGueule line, we attack to blue, but with a twist at the level of the reasons and the material: we tried the donegal!

Donegal, that’s what? Here too, hold on, another great story awaits you…

Donegal, spearhead of the Irish know-how

Wool donegal… comes from Donegal.

Rural, sheep are particularly present in Donegal so although, traditionally, each family has its own loom to work the wool : homemadesocks, underwear, anything goes!

At the beginning of the twentieth, the inhabitants are illustrated in the manufacture of carpet in wool. First shot of projector internationally for this region, which allows him to adopt a more industrial angle.

I invite you to watch the first minutes of this documentary from the 1970s (at least), you’ll see how much the work of wool is important.

Donegal wool is quite unique, characterized by:

  • A very soft hand,
  • A “stippling” colored,
  • On a spun yarn in the traditional way (fiber is rolled to the former).

Real say, the tradition is pushed further still, since these are natural dyes that are used. In respect for the heritage of the region, we use lichen, berries or flowers.

More generally, the tweeds and other rafters in the region are very famous. If you decide to go on vacation, you will find a plethora of shops offering jackets made entirely by hand.

These fabrics are part of a less formal to classic wool stylistic approach. They are brought to the campaign, when hunting for example, which is part of the very regional DNA of Donegal.#countryside

For us, it is especially a great way to bring variety and originality, especially with a single color such as blue. We are left with a stronger visual identity, breaking the dated side that can sometimes have the cardigans with wearing tips addressed on

A wool from Donegal Yarns

For this collaboration, we are pleased to offer a 100% Donegal, from Donegal Yarns spinning wool9.

It is the only factory in the country offering this type of wool on an industrial scale.

It’s 100% Merino, you already know very well for its properties:

  • Breathings,
  • Insulating,.
  • Thermoregulantes (there is never too hot nor too cold in there).
  • Anti-odour,
  • And its great sweetness!

To understand what the appearance of Donegal Yarns, we must go back into the 1920s. The Ireland just proclaimed independent and a State Agency for industrial development is created: Gaelterra Éireann, which can be translated by “of Ireland”.

More locally, the Donegal already enjoys his factory in the carpet. In 1970, the Gaelterra decided to give a new impetus to the region, to reach a wider international reputation yet. It is how the company was born.

Spinning is a small structure in the family spirit. Some members are also the third generation of workers to work within Donegal Yarns, threads replace their fathers, etc.

With all that, we can understand why Colm Sweeney, Member of the Board of the Ardara Heritage Centre (Museum of the tweed) said of this wool:

When you buy a sheet of donegal, this isn’t just a wool cloth, is a part of the Ireland you buy.

Old motive of 50 years

One day, in his usual research of archive photos, lead falls on a picture of two little boys on the island sitting on a wall, wearing sweaters made of a pattern intriguing.

He digs and finds that this ground is called “barcini” (I’m really not sure of the spelling, I am not an expert in Gaelic :/), that it has translated by “small packets”.

It can hardly be more authentic! Lead also tells us that he loves wearing her cardigans with a shirt, tie or tie.

How to choose its size?

The sizing is very classic. Simply take your usual size of t-shirt, sweater, shirt…

If you are between two sizes on our cardigan with Six & seven, take the largest.

How to wear a blue cardigan in donegal?

It’s easy as pie! In the construction of your looks, think of it as a classic blue blazer: shirt, tee, jeans, trousers in flannel, … it will go with everything.

The motif will bring relief and texture, where the “stippling” brings easy one touch of originality.

Come on, we went to the 😉 examples