Boxer Will Compete Against Netflix

Antenna tv customers got access yesterday to Boxer Tv’s streaming service Boxer Bio, where the Committee is twice as large as that of Netflix.

Boxer has just, yesterday launched a nation-wide streaming service with movies and series for antenna tv customers all over the country. It writes our site.

The new streaming service called Boxer Bio and contains 3,500 titles, which is twice as many as the competitor Netflix, and they are distributed at premiere films, new and old, Danish and international.

-“Developments in the field of television-media goes furious heavily now, and developing new services all the time. Over the past six months it has stood still clearer that the electronic home bioer-on-demand services-will be something, the Danes are taking to one of the major scale, “says Boxer Tv’s Managing Director, Steen Ulf Jensen, of the reasons for the launch.

The films come from Nordic Films and SF Anytimes catalogues, and will be available on Boxer Bio while they are published on DVD – some even earlier than Dvd sales is clear.

Unlike competitors Netflix and HBO, so will the customers on Boxer Bio pay per movie, so subsequent are available in 48 hours and you have to be Boxer TV customer and you have to be Boxer TV-customer as well as have a digital receiver box (price 2,136 Crowns – can be rented for 89 dollars for 24 months), which can pick up the films. The price of the films will be between 25 and 59 kroner, while creation is free.