Bridal Shoes, if they Were a Pair of Sneakers?

The bridal shoes for some women are the icing on the cake. There are many ladies endured high heels, signed or not, provided they are dizzying and female. Not all women, however, are at ease, and some even make it hard to walk. Time ago we suggested the classical dancers. I assure you that it is better in a low heel bridal, but casual, with a heel 10 that walks like a hopeful robots not just going to roll towards the ‘altar. Well, today we dare even more: how about a pair of sneakers.

I know it’s a gamble, and if I may I would avoid. But there is one thing to say: ir icevimenti sometimes are eternal. Some last for 12 hours and you can not expect to take the foot very demanding shoes. If you have the long dress after the celebration you could make a quick change.

No one will notice if you are wearing a pair of sneakers. They will allow you to let loose in the dances and arrive at night without being too tired. As seen in the picture are strictly white and have the romantic décor. Different brands have proposed this new trend. An evergreen are the Superga which on this occasion also the white sole. I would avoid wearing them with a short dress. I think a little ‘hard work the day of the wedding you can also do. Also, be brave to let photographers only in your moment of maximum splendor.