Bridesmaids Dresses for Winter

Ladies dresses for winter. Long time ago the brides chose one or two bridesmaids to celebrate their wedding party. Today, you can choose the bridesmaids that you like, but it is that they are family or friends.

Mostly bridesmaids should wear the same dress, whether long or short, but that depends on the bride. If the bride says to each bridesmaid to keep your personality, then the Lady must choose the dress that you like most.

The intimate friend or sister of the bride, must use a dress different to the rest, in such way that you can highlight and emphasize, for that is also recommended that you use a very different color dress.

It is highly advisable that you tell your bridesmaids, to not use dresses that are strong colors (red or black), because these colors can overshadow the overall tone of your wedding. For that, it is best to use light-colored dresses, such as yellow, blue, purple or green.

Dresses that are most commonly used for this season are the ones who are in Brocade fabrics, pleated ruffles, applications of rhinestones or crystals and embroidery lace, which are very favored by the bridesmaids. But, very apart from their preferences also should take into account dress favors to your figure. Even though you’re the star of the wedding, don’t forget that bridesmaids should also shine with their own light.

Dresses in shades of precious stones. This type of dresses are elegant and very festive. They are also great for the winter season which is celebrated Christmas, like for example the color gold, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. It could also be the silver, if combined with the color of the skin, because this color pales to the person. This type of dresses are made in satin, velvet, taffeta and silk crepe, since they are suitable for winter fabrics.

Dresses with sleeves. In spite of the popularity that are sleeveless dresses, dresses with sleeves are the most suitable for the winter time. There are currently several long sleeves, for example sleeve three-quarters, short sleeves, sleeves to the shoulder and sleeve. If the wedding is performed in a place where it’s cold, you have to use a long-sleeved dress, because they are warmer. but, if you insist in carrying a short-sleeved dress, don’t forget to complement it with a cute dress to protect themselves from the cold.


Dress three-piece. This design is distinguished by wear top and skirt, bolero or strip. This dress multipiezas are perfect for bridesmaids in winter time. The top and skirt are better accommodated to the figure and fit comfortably. Boleros and girdles are ideal to keep warm, and it see atorgar dress elegance and formality. To this dresses can also add you other accessories such as scarves or gloves of silk, which will give you a beautiful touch.