British Casual Style

It is no secret that Manolo recent seasons directed focus away from the British style in favor of a slightly more relaxed style. Unfortunately, British fashion easy very cartoon-like manner. But there is still a great producer from the British Isles which shall not become discredited.

Timeless discreet design and high functionality; Mackintoshen has really all going to want an outerwear. Suitable for all styles and all occasions.Mackintosh Newfield Slim Coat (£ 6495, Nitty Gritty, just relaunched their online shop)

John Smedley has developed a new merino wool quality that they call for 13.5 micron (micrometer), after the wool fibres ‘ thickness. Compared to suit cloths corresponds to 13.5 microns thickness in garner for super 210-fabrics, which are actually thinner than kashmir.

SWAINE Adeney has with its collection Mayfair updated form the language somewhat. The craftsmanship is, however, the same where each product is hand-sewn with vegetable tanned leather like material.On image Sports Holdall.

Tricker’s Bourton with its storm rand and hearty Old-gummisula almost indestructible. Stylistically, fits model perfect for hearty denim-and flanelltyger. (Price £ 3795, Nitty Gritty)

Thin scarf from johnstons cashmere specialist. (

Rugbytröjor need not mean the garish colors and bold logos. A luxury model of thin wool quality in earthy color is supersofistikerad under the jacket or suit. This from the Drakes.

Employment of Kim Jones as lead designer has not led to any radical changes in Dunhill. The brand’s design language still has a clear link to motor sport, although the style feels something more updated. Why change a winning formula.

The venerable e. Tautz, which was re-released last fall, put again the classical British men’s fashion on the world map. All production takes place in England in true British style. For spring, the brand has launched something more casual garments this double-breasted jacket in wool, linen and cotton blend. Available to buy at uk web shop Matches.

Hackett has for spring ogled against the continent for a stylishly casual style. Ideal for a holiday on Capri or the Amalfi coast.