Calle Friberg: Before the Bike 4 Peaks

Our site: last year, he broke his collarbone here. This year, he is hungry for revenge. Stage race Trans Germany has changed its name to Bike 4 Peaks, and Calle Friberg are in place – both to run and to report at our site.

Calle Friberg:
“It was a nice but without winnings weekend in Falun and long calm. I lurched out of the deck and then twice broke the contest. Sad because I like to race here, and with the Scandinavian outdoor games was a little pull on Lugnet. Would have been fun to be with and fight for victory this time, but cest la vie!

However, it has been stressful days before. I have my American friend Colin Osborn from Colorado to visit, and all the packing, fixing, jobs, training and various problems with his bike as time went fast. Colin did a good race and liked falu terrain so much that it was enough for a 23rd place. He thought that the hand-built trails recalled MTB Mecca Breckenridge in Colorado, so it may well be seen as a compliment to the Faluiterna.

Immediately after finishing the race in Falun, we drove down the more than 1800 kilometers to Ruhpolding, Germany where Bike 4 Peaks start.

These are former Trans Germany, which consists of the four-day mountain bike with traditional saddlebags from for endurance race in the German and Austrian Alps. Relatively lättkakt technically speaking, but with climbs as suffice and gets over. This is the race I ran last year, but where I am on the third stage hooked together with the German without track, went in reverse and broke his collarbone.

I therefore do not and are here again. Even Colin drove last year and wanted to hang with this once again. My plan is to complete the race in as good a way as possible, but also to get some race with hearty mountain then long-distance World Championships in Kirchberg (with very hearty climbs) herons later in June. Good prepp methinks.

In terms of earnings, I am a little unsure of what to aim for, but a top-10-15-location should be within reach, I think. “