Calle Friberg: First Stage in Bike 4 Peaks

Our site: Stockholm is not the world’s best place for Hill training. At least not if you want to prepare for the hills that takes half an hour to ascend. Despite this, it went really well for Calle Friberg today. In the first phase of Bike 4 Peaks, he finished in seventh place.

Calle Friberg:
“Yep then we were up and running! Tender and fine now we sit and eat a late but better lunch in Lofer, where we finished yesterday.
The stage was neutralised the first 15 kilometers due to all the rain that has fallen the last time. The weather today has been good, with more than 20 degrees and the Sun.

It went up immediately and I was able to place me good enough to get into the slope as second in command. There were gassed immediately, and I went with the lead in half the first climb, but then got beat by not to burn myself too much. I thought, however, that I have done just that, for the legs stood right out for a while there).
Then came a smaller group with, among others, last year’s winner Sauser catch up. I managed to hang in there all the way up, and even perform.
On the flatter the party until the next climbing, we were then seven, eight who helped, and my legs had recovered a bit and started to feel better. Trafficking, we had help from the Team Bulls, and it worked as it should.

The last climb was just a bit worse and quite steep in places. It was tough mentally to never know how far it was left to the top. It took at least 30 minutes in any case.
The Group had been split up and I had Daryn’s Lill from South Africa and Christian Kreuchler (Texpa Simplon) just in front of me throughout the climb. Sauser had gone off solo before in the race for the lead. Visit for kid bikes with special needs.
After the chilly State of the passage I drove away from these two, and then held off the hook on the remaining relatively flat seven kilometers to Lofer.

I was seven with 2.57 up to winning Sauser, and am very satisfied then I just coached Hill in 1.5-minutersbackar at home in Stockholm before this.
Our friend Colin became a bit stuck in the queue at the beginning and had a decent day on a 53rd place.”