Calvin Klein Perfumes Review

Punctual as ever Calvin Klein launches in March its new line of New Fragraces for summer 2011.I’ll present the 3 new sexy perfumes “CK One Summer 2011 2011”, “Eternity” in women’s and men’s version!

Do you already feel of summer? You have a ceiling by matta meadows racing? A strong desire to feast on the beach with music and relaxation? Shirts and tanned skin, in the shade of a beautiful palm tree?
Well! Then you are in brand new Calvin Klein atmosphere and its bewitching fragrances for summer 2011: CK One, Eternity Summer 2011 for man and for woman.

This year they came like clockwork on the market for inebriarci with their unforgettable notes and are once again “limited edition” Limited Edition.
Valuable sensory experiences combine a fanciful and original packaging in perfect consistency with previous editions. Their launch to the general public will take place on 20 March in the best perfume (click here for types of perfume).

We present you, so these new and valuable compositions of scents: let yourself be overwhelmed by the scent of summer.

  • CK One Summer 2011is esrpime fine already with his choice of packaging wonderfully summery: the theme is that of a dance party on the beach. The colors blended among themselves by the light, warm and vibrant landscape already remind us as the summer sun. Caribbean and Mexico, California, are the environments in which Ck One brings us with its combination that has notes of Mandarin, lemon, melon, water fern, Freesia, vervain, rhubarb, cedar, musk, incense and fishing. CK One 2011 is available as 100 ml.

Along with the limited edition unisex CK One Summer 2010 presented the two limited editions of Eternty Summer 2011 for men and women.
The new compositions are inspired by a relaxing atmosphere ideal for the warmer months of the year: Sun, sea, sand and fresh morning breeze are the watchwords of this ideal combination of color and rousing melody of smells.

  • Eternty Summer 2011 Womanis completely inspired by the wildflowers.
    The fragrance of spring breeze invokes warm and full of light.
    In Limited Edition version, Eternity Summer 2011 opens its fragrance with notes of lily, violet, and coriander, leaving soon after the place in a bouquet of gardenia, jasmine and Lotus Flower. A real treat of beauty and seduction for a sensual and sweet.
    Its beautiful bottle is inspired by coral pink and decorated tone-on-tone leaves of marine environment.
  • Eternity Men Summer 2011is a daily fragrance with pleasant and relaxing features. Its composition combines pineapple, bergamot, cardamom, bamboo, Cedar leaves, with saltiness and teakwood. His bottle is green-water with streaks of bamboo and algae … irresistible to every man simple but strong. Both fragrances Eternity Summer 2011 for man and for woman are produced with 100 ml.

The perfume will be invaded by a waltz of colors and references to Summer next March 20!