Cannes Film Festival Banned Selfies By The Red Carpet

In the coming week, starts in France again the annual Cannes Film Festival and attracts quite a few stars on the red carpet. So the celebrity guests but also in the right light shine and gloss of the event remains, the organizers calling, but please refrain from embarrassing Selfies shooting.

Cannes Film Festival Director Thierry Fremaux made according to Hollywood Reporter his distaste for the snapshots quite clear when he said: “You never so ugly look like on a Selfie.” He added that one would like to pronounce although no official ban for Selfies, man for this, but it wants to ensure that Selfies not overwhelming on the red carpet.

Security Forces Are To Distribute Warnings

Just on the steps of the red carpet leads up to which, there should be annually delays, because many amateur photographers like to use this post to snap Selfies by himself together with stars and starlets. As a result of the photo-sessions, a kind of bottleneck, which can provide a true backwater on the carpet will from the levels.

Organizers now hope to solve the problem by her ugly and embarrassing called Selfies styleless, this year. For those who are still not too bad, with their Smartphone the red carpet to storm, but also the security forces receive special instructions: You should grant the amateur photographers serious warnings. A seizure of smartphones is but not planned. Should a friend of Selfies be despite of sharp judgment of the organisers of Cannes you could be interested in you our overview of the best Selfie smartphones.

Cannes Film Festival Banned Selfies By The Red Carpet