Car LED Bulb

Night driving, especially, is deemed far more accident-prone than day. Perceptions of the motorist is impaired. To avoid maximum danger, specific rules of conduct must be respected, the lighting of the vehicle part.

Setting the car LED bulb

The LED has the appearance of a miniature bulb, its size is 3 to 10 mm in diameter. This is a light emitting diode: it means that produces light when traversed by an electric current. This technology was used for the first time in terms of road safety on the taillights of the cars. Since then, their use multiplies.

There are various LED bulb for car models that will suit:

  • blinkers ;
  • headlights ;
  • stop lights ;
  • fog lights ;
  • LEDs on the meter.

Good to know: if LED bulbs are suitable for different road driving lights and other indicators, there is no model that can replace the night lights because their power is too low.

The advantages of car LED bulb

Place a LED on his car instead of a normal bulb is to realize a saving time and money while building on the safety.

  • First, the ignition is immediate. Press the switch and car lights in a few thousandths of a second: there are 15 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds against an LED for a halogen bulb;
  • Its energy consumption is very low. For the use of a pipe as a flashing indicator, the LED will use ten watts against barely 21 watts for a standard bulb. Your battery is less stressed, their life expectancy is growing!
  • The lifespan of the LED is equivalent to that of your car! It’s a real asset to your safety: it will happen more than you realize on the roadside that your bulbs just give up the ghost.

The disadvantages of car LED bulb

If the LED has many advantages, it nevertheless has some drawbacks:

  • The LEDs are great sources of energy savings, certainly, but they also lack power. For now, the use of these as flagship remains discouraged;
  • If this technology is economical in the long term and beats all records in terms of longevity once installed, the purchase of a LED bulb is expensive.

Good to know: manufacturers who choose to bet on this innovative technology to equip the beam of their new cars use more than one LED twenty on each side of the car! Too expensive to set up, we abandon them in favor of xenon headlights currently.

Buy an LED bulb for car

LED bulbs for the use of your vehicle for sale on the LISTOFLEDLIGHTS and stores specializing in automotive.

Prices of car LED bulbs estimate based on the required power. According to the intended use and the mark of the subject, the price can go up to threefold.

For a bulb that will be used to illuminate your counter, count invest less than ten euros. For an article which ensures your safety, such as fog lights, the price can go up to a hundred euros.

Good to know  : If you are inquisitive and adept small savings, you can always find your happiness in the scrap yards where consumables recovery is cheap.

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