Casio: G-Shock Mr G G1000ht

One of the most exclusive quartz watches.

With the new model G-shock MR-G-G1000HT, Casio shows one of the most exclusive quartz watches via insidewatch. The limited edition for the 20th anniversary of the series MR-G was developed in collaboration with the artisan Bihou Asano, who dominated the traditional Japanese metal crafts Tsuiki.

In this machining process, a metal sheet is hammered into a thin, three-dimensional shape. Historically, it was used to produce copper and other metal containers, as well as armor and helmets, which had to be both light and very stable.

The DLC coating of the 49.8-millimeter watch also provides a scratch-resistant surface. The MR-G series is known for its robust timepieces that combine high-quality, hand-worked titanium with the typical G-shock shock resistance. For good reason, the MR-G is therefore particularly popular with watch friends who attach importance to the proven G-shock design in conjunction with exclusivity. The new model’s enclosure and band are given their unmistakable brilliance by the Japanese silver-grey “Oboro-gin” finish, which is traditionally used for sword accessories and decorations. On screws and pushers, the watch is also equipped with a copper “Akagane” refinement, which otherwise provides a striking sheen in Japanese armor and handicrafts.

The time is set in seconds: in Europe, Japan, USA and China via radio, in the rest of the world via GPS. The changeover from summer to winter time is also taking place automatically. Casio builds only 300 copies for the price of 6,200 euro each. jk

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