Casio Watches Technologies

Casio watches have always been characterized by incorporating the latest technological advances in their models. In this list you can find all the technologies that Casio offers its customers in each watch.


An altimeter uses a pressure sensor to measure atmospheric pressure. This is used to measure the actual height. Atmospheric pressure decreases as the height increases. The electronic system detects clock through temperature and atmospheric pressure the height at which we find ourselves.

There are two types of measurement of height (according to, relative height, measuring the distance between two points, and the absolute height, measuring up there at a specific point relative to sea level.


The barometer measures the climate trends through atmospheric pressure. The higher we climb, the lower the atmospheric pressure. If the atmospheric pressure increases is likely that time will improve, and conversely, if it decreases, it may get worse over time.


In recent G-SHOCK models come standard including the latest Bluetooth technology, allowing us to synchronize the clock with our Smartphone, and thus give us the ability to handle certain basic features:

  • Call Alert: When your smartphone receives a call the watch will warn by a beep.
  • Phone finder: If we have our clock synchronized with the smartphone by pressing a button the phone beeps to locate it easily.When playing back the clock, the beep will stop.
  • Recovering syncing: When not using the watch for a long period of time, to save energy ceases synchronization.With the move, the clock is automatically synchronized.
  • Notice of loss of synchronization: Your G-SHOCK watch vibrates every time you lose synchronization with your mobile device.
  • Incoming mail: Warns when you receive an email on your smartphone.
  • Automatic time adjustment: The clock receives information from the smartphone and synchronizes the time automatically when there is a change.


Casio watches incorporate a complex direction sensor to detect magnetic north. This sensor uses the magnetic field of the earth to detect the position, and a microprocessor is responsible for converting the values ​​to display in the clock.


The moon goes through a lunar cycle of almost 30 days, during which their size is increasing and decreasing. The greater the distance between the moon and the sun, the greater the portion we see illuminated. The clock makes an estimate of the age of the moon and shows us the lunar phase in which it is located.



The clock shows the change of the tides according to the phases of the moon in a particular place on a particular date.


Radio watches

All Casio watches receive signals from atomic clocks throughout Europe, including some models come to receive signals from North America or Japan. Once you set your clock to the time zone timely, all time changes necessary will be done automatically, schedule changes both summer or winter schedule changes if you travel to different countries.


Casio range “Water Resist” watches meet the standards DIN 8310 or ISO 2281 describing the different types of water resistance and testing processes that undergo this type of watches. On your watch, you can check the type of resistance in the inscription on the bottom of the housing. See for details.


Keep in mind that these parameters are only valid for static pressure, if you’re swimming or moving arms pressure increases and water resistance can vary.


It is a technology that possess the Edifice, G-shock and Pro Trek series that allows access quickly and easily through a crown to the main functions and modes of the clock as the timer, the timer or alarm.


It used to measure the temperature. Casio watches have the ability to collect temperature of -10.0 degrees Celsius to 60.0 degrees Celsius.


It is an innovative new technology that includes several functions:

  • Multiband 6: Allows reception of different radio signals spread throughout the world.
  • Tough Solar: Ability to upload your watch by sunlight.
  • hybrid construction: Increased resistance by combining a metal with a high strength lightweight resin.
  • Hand Setting: Automatic correction of the position of the hands to any possible deviation.


It is a unique feature for watches that feed on sunlight. With this feature, a watch is able to withstand 24 months in complete darkness without receiving any light, stopping the hands in the analog models, and turning off the display on digital models. When the watch returns to receive sunlight, automatically sets the time.


It is a unique feature of the Casio sports highest range and helps us to set the starting point in a yacht race to correctly measure time.