Centerpiece Flowers and Cups

This very simple detail to be just a craft of flowers, is a center of table decorative, ideal for those who like ornament in original way some space of your home, but do not have much time and patience to do something complicated. If you have an elegant party at home, this craft is perfect for you.


  • Crystal glasses
  • Natural flowers
  • Candles


  1. search for the most beautiful flowers you can find in your garden, try to be very fragile, or that their life span is short.
  2. cut the stem.You can burn in a frying pan the stem end so they last a little longer.
  3. place in the table, cover them with the glasses of wine and finally put candles on the bottom of the Cup.

This craft will be tougher if the sailing you choose is short and has a metal base at the bottom. Try the tops are tempered glass to avoid that they become hot. This craft esbellisima and you can use it to decorate a party or romantic dinner.